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David PaulsonSmall business service providers and advisors TaxAssist Accountants have been Full Members of the bfa for several years, and operate a well-established nationwide franchise network. We spoke with David Paulson QFP, Senior Manager of Franchisee Recruitment, about his views on how the bfa website helps him and his company.

What benefits does your listing on the bfa website bring your business? Do you monitor them?
As most franchisors do, we monitor the source of enquiries and particularly those that go on to join us. I believe that we get credibility by being on the bfa website – if I were looking for a franchise it would be one of the places I looked before submitting an enquiry. On average we sign up two franchisees per year that enquired through the bfa website, which clearly gives us a tangible benefit.

Is the bfa website a valuable source of quality franchisee prospects for TaxAssist, does it help you target the right audience?
Yes! We don’t get a huge volume of enquiries through the bfa website but the quality is very good – those that come through are normally at a more advanced stage of their research and only tend to be looking at us and very similar opportunities rather than taking the scattergun approach enquiring about many franchises across very different sectors which you see with some of the advertising portals. People that come through the bfa site seem better prepared which I guess you would expect as it shows that they are taking their research and due diligence seriously.

How does it compare to other sites where you pay for a listing or advertisement?
In terms of signups for us it compares very well. The cost of bfa membership is comparable with a 12-month online advertising package with many of the franchise recruitment portals, so we could make a case that being on the bfa website alone justifies the cost of membership and everything else that membership brings is a massive bonus!

Between the news pages and your company information, do you feel you have greater brand exposure as a result of engaging with the bfa’s online functions?
The new platform is great and we are delighted with the level of exposure that it brings so yes! The opportunity to have news stories featured so prominently on the home page is great and we really like the new-look listing page. 

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