bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards 2016

What are the judges looking for?

In each category the judges will be looking for franchisees who have an overall star quality. Franchisees will need dedication, commitment and a passion, not just for their brand, but for how franchising has helped them get where they are today. 

You can enter one franchisee per category and the same franchisee in a maximum of three categories.

B2B Franchisee of the Year

This award will recognise businesses that offer a service to the B2B sector. Judges will be looking for franchisees who can demonstrate how they have leveraged their relationships and expertise to create a profitable business that delivers high-quality service, products and savings to their clients and contributes to the wider good of their network.

Eligibility: All franchisees of bfa Members in the business to business sector.

Customer Service Franchisee of the Year

For franchisees that go above and beyond in their commitment to deliver the best customer experience. They will demonstrate to the judges that their customer service strategies have resulted in measureable improvements to their business on top of what would be the standard for their network. Their impact may include services to their local community.

Eligibility: All franchisees of bfa Members.

Female Franchisee of the Year

The judges will be looking for a strong woman who can demonstrate how her passion, drive and commitment has led to exceptional results. Her dedication to best practice and contributions to the network have set her apart from her fellow franchisees.

Eligibility: Women franchisees of bfa Members who are the sole or principal operator of the business.

Microbusiness Franchisee of the Year

The finalists for this award may have chosen to come into franchising to get a better work life balance or to take control of their own destiny. This award will showcase franchisees who may have bought into franchising as a lifestyle decision and who, through their enterprising nature and determination to succeed, stand out from the crowd of other small business owners.

Eligibility: Franchisees of bfa Members who have a business turnover of £100K or less.

Olderpreneur Franchisee of the Year

Celebrating individuals whose wealth of experience has helped them make a big impact in their franchise. Perhaps they have used their knowledge and expertise to create new avenues of growth for their business, which have been expanded out to the wider network. The finalists of this award will prove that age is merely a number!

Eligibility: Franchisees of bfa Members who are aged 55 years or over.

Young Franchisee of the Year

This award recognises that franchising isn’t all about experience. Judges will be looking for a franchisee who has established a profitable franchise although they may not have come from a business background. Finalists will be dynamic, driven individuals who have achieved success beyond their years.

Eligibility: Franchisees of bfa Members who are aged 30 years or under.


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  • Steve Ray
    Auditel - Franchisee case study

    Salisbury-based Steve Ray was formerly production director of the UK arm of an Italian-based engineering company and joined Auditel in September 2007.

    Read the full case study
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