bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards 2016

What are the judges looking for?

The key things the judges are looking for are the impact on your franchisees and what you have achieved as franchisors. What exceptional support have you given and what effect has this had on your franchisees' businesses? Remember, franchising is about a mutual relationship, so don't forget to show it! 

bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year

The judges will be looking for a business that demonstrates a passion for and commitment to ethical franchising. They will be able to evidence strong infrastructure and support for their network ensuring that franchisees have the best possible environment in which to succeed and reach their full potential. Judges will expect to see businesses where engagement with franchisees in strategic planning and open disclosure of relevant management information are both the norm and where exit support maximises capital gains from resales.

Eligibility: Open to Full Members only.

Emerging Franchisor of the Year

Franchisors need to share their journey so far. How have they stood out from the crowd in their early days in franchising? Judges will be looking for a good infrastructure providing support to a growing network, solid preparation prior to the launch of the franchise, and demonstrable network growth in terms of franchisees and their revenues.

Eligibility: Associate Members or Provisionally Listed franchisors who have been franchising for five years or less (NB: five years from the date of recruiting their first franchisee).

Franchisee Recruitment Award

Judges will be looking for a business that can demonstrate effective and responsible franchisee recruitment. It is important to show good lead generation, qualification and selection process but most importantly how the right selection has resulted in successful franchisees downstream. To take home this accolade you will need to evidence that this isn’t just about the process. It is about recruiting the right franchisees for the long haul and showing how you have helped them achieve success.

Eligibility: All bfa Members

Award for Innovation

Judges are looking for innovative changes to the business that have significantly impacted the franchise network. Have you diversified into a new market? Undergone fundamental change? Successfully integrated digital strategies? Entrants will need to demonstrate how they have adopted new systems, processes and/or technology, and evidence how it has supported and strengthened the franchise brand to achieve network growth. You’ll need more than just a new app to take home this award!

Eligibility: All Members

Award for Customer Focus

This award will highlight franchisors who have demonstrated a clear focus on customer service. Can you evidence monitoring and analysis of customer demand and consumer trends? Have you targeted and exploited new consumer markets? What have you done to encourage your franchisees to contribute to brand positioning in front of customers? Judges will be looking for a business that can illustrate how its approach to customer care and relationships underpins the sustained growth and development of its network and franchisees’ businesses.

Eligibility: All bfa Members

Objective full-day seminars and other events open to non-members.

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