Heritage Healthcare

Heritage Healthcare

What inspiration behind developing Heritage Healthcare?

As Directors we have always worked within the care sector providing various different services. In 2008 we felt that society had definitely changed and more people wished to remain at home with support rather than be admitted to their local care home. This was an area of care that we were very experienced in so we decided to partner and create Heritage Healthcare.

How does having four company-owned branches help you be a better franchisor?

We find that it immediately instils confidence within our franchisees. We have built and grown an amazing and rewarding business in our own right and the experience and knowledge that we have enables us to assist and support our franchisees greater as we are also facing the same day to day challenges ourselves. Our quality standards are accredited as a company and were able to pass that knowledge and the systems and processes on to all our franchisees.

It means we can relate to them far better and them to us as they know we are going through the same things day in, day out, and we can offer that experience hands on as we have been there and done it.

What challenges has franchising provided you with along the way?

Throughout our time developing our company owned branches we expanded adding one branch at a time. When we emerged into the franchise industry we had three branches to startup and this kept us extremely busy. I also studied for the QFP Qualification very early into our franchise journey which certainly contributed to our success but as I didn’t have a single franchisee at this point I could not evidence or put into practice what I had learnt. Thankfully, all that has changed now.

How is the Care App that you have implemented helping franchisees, staff and families?

The app is a care management system, as due to our carers being very task orientated, our carers use it when they go into the home and is an app that they can record completion of tasks.

The care app offers a single view of care records from enquiry, assessment, medication and task changes and reviews – meaning less time travelling, less time duplicating notes and less time on administration.

The care app also ensures care workers are notified of medication and task changes before their next visits starts, no need to print paper copies and no need to deliver a new paper care plan as it's all accessed via a care worker's mobile phone. This system links care services to community-based supervisors and staff, families, social services and healthcare professionals.

We can also use the app if there is anything specific that we need to inform a member of staff on. If the family has been in touch with us, we can send an alert through to the carer so that when they visit the client it gives them up to date information that they may need in real time.

Verified relatives are also given their own personal login so that they can see what has been done during each visit. This can be extremely helpful where there are cases of dementia as if asked if the carer has been they may not remember.

What development do you have planned for the future?

  • Development of National Campaigns
  • Recruitment of a second Franchise Support Manager
  • Develop the in-house Marketing Department 
  • Sustainable growth

What have you learnt along the way and what advice would you give other companies thinking of franchising?

I feel that I am still learning every day within franchising as there are so many different stages to the franchise journey in any business but, I continually communicate with all our franchisees and support staff to ensure the best possible results for Heritage Healthcare clients & employees.

This industry requires commitment and hard work so I am very clear from the beginning as to what is expected from our franchisees.

We always ensure our franchisees have exhausted their due diligence and have completed their research into the sector. This is also true for all potential Franchisors. I would recommend not trying to achieve this on your own but, invest in the professionals that are skilled in franchising to guide, support and develop your model. Starting one as a pilot franchise is always a valuable way of knowing if you are ready to launch.

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