What was the inspiration behind the “I am a Franchisee and this is my McDonald's” campaign?

We wanted to create an exciting campaign that people could relate to, and in a market that can sometimes be quite serious, we wanted to inject an element of fun and personality into it too. We put our franchisees front and centre, allowing them to tell their own unique stories, and gave each one their own productised name to give the campaign a playful feel.

Our franchisees come from all walks of life, and this is something we wanted to really emphasise within the campaign we did this by sharing their stories. Our franchisees are also extremely active within their local communities – whether that be organising a litter pick for the local town or arranging a community football day for locals - it’s a fundamental part of their role and one that is fundamental to this project.

The objective for this campaign was to get people excited about franchising and becoming a McDonald’s franchisee – even if they hadn’t considered a career in franchising. It’s great that this campaign has allowed us to achieve this.

What was the response like from the franchisees for this campaign?

The overall response was extremely positive. The campaign created a real sense of pride and excitement within the franchisee community.

How do you involve your franchisees in the development process?

Our journey starts with our Engagement Roadshows which are held in February. This is where all our operators share what challenges they are facing within the business. We share our customer and business insights from the market place with our franchisees. They are then challenged to come up with solutions based around the customer. This can produce up to 1,000 ideas, which are then prioritised and filtered through to the ‘P Teams’. These ideas are then discussed and evaluated with a number of ideas being taken forward to planning. This ensures that there is complete backing from the franchisees as well as the company employees.

This process is followed by our Executive Roadshows. These roadshows happen three times a year and involve the Executive Board traveling to various points across the UK to discuss up and coming business plans with franchisees. There is then a Q&A panel for the franchisees to ask any questions. The final plan is then shared at the AGM we share all the plans for the coming year that have been created through a collaborative approach. This allows our franchisees to be involved

What incentives do you give to your franchisees?

We have many different incentives from shoulder to shoulder support as well as internal and external recognition to our franchisees. An example of this is the ‘Three Legged Stool Award.’ The ‘Three Legged stool Award’ is given out at our AGM to three suppliers, three franchisees and three company employees, who have not only contributed to the McDonald’s business, but have also gone above and beyond for the brand.

What other support models do you have to help your franchisee’s?

We have a number of support models whether that be the Franchisee Consultants, who provide shoulder to shoulder support. Our departments such as Training and Marketing who provide further expertise within their field. A crucial partnership is the National Leadership Group (NLG). The NLG involves a franchisee from each of the nine director regions who have been voted in by their peers. They regularly meet with the Executive Team and have candid conversations about what is happening in their region.

This is a time for them to address any issues immediately, discuss possible solutions and how they can be worked into the overall business plan.

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