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As the voice and self regulating body of the franchising industry, the British Franchise Association (bfa) is well placed to educate individuals and businesses alike about the opportunities that franchising, as a successful business model, can bring. The bfa offers a number of franchise seminars at a range of locations across the UK.

There are two key types of franchise seminars that the bfa operates:

1. For those looking to invest into a franchise opportunity: prospective franchisee seminar. are currently supporting these seminars to help you find out if franchising is right for you. Go to the franchisee seminar page to find out more.

2. For those who have an existing business and are considering using the franchise business model to expand and grow their business:, see the become a franchisor seminar.

Some of the key aspects which will be addressed in the franchise seminars include:

  • The franchise agreement – have you seen a proper, legally-drafted franchise agreement, do you realise its size and why it is weighted in favour of the franchisor? And why this gives the franchisee more security
  • Funding – which banks have specific franchise departments and what are the benefits of dealing with ones who do specialise in franchising. Many banks do not have dedicated franchise teams which means that they don’t fully understand the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of franchising
  • The time and financial commitments – which will undoubtedly be necessary in order to ensure the success of the business
  • The advantages and disadvantages of franchising – what you really need to know in a plain and objective manner

The franchising industry has grown significantly over the past 30 years and the bfa’s role remains to ensure that it retains its ethical approach, commitment to best practice and robustness – even in the toughest of economic climates. As part of the association’s educational role, it runs these franchise seminars to provide information and advice to businesses wanting to franchise or people considering joining a franchise. Our main goal is to protect and strengthen the franchising industry in the UK, so it is just as important to help you decide whether franchising is right for you as it is to help you realise if it isn’t.

See the full day seminar programme for Prospective Franchisees
(Those looking to join an existing franchise)

See the full day seminar programme for Prospective Franchisors
(Those looking to franchise their business)

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Upcoming Franchise Seminars

  • bfa Prospective Franchisor Seminar Oxford From 18th January 2018 To 18th January 2018 Venue : British Franchise Association Educational seminar for prospective franchisors - those who have an existing business and are considering expansion using the franchise business model. This seminar is designed to help you decide if franchising is right for your business and to understand the key considerations in developing a successful franchise operation. For two bookings please ring the bfa office and we can offer you the second booking half price. £195.00 £234.00 inc VAT Read more...
  • Mark Quinlan
    The Original Poster Company - Franchisee case study

    Having purchased a second territory to grow his business, Mark offers excellent advice and personal experience on being an OPC franchisee.

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