The franchise agreement

Franchise agreements must be fair and comprehensive. They are not sales brochures and there is not one standard document that fits any business.

These days, a good agreement will stretch to forty or more pages and is just as much concerned with setting out the obligations of you, the franchisor, as well as your rights. It is equally concerned with setting out the rights of the franchisee and their obligations.

That does not mean that franchise agreements are an equal balance of rights and obligation between equal business partners. Franchisors are responsible for the network as a whole and that sometimes means acting against the interests of an individual franchisee for the greater good of the network. Franchise agreements have gone through more than twenty years of development to ensure that franchisors have the appropriate rights to do their job within a framework of fair and reasonable treatment for franchisees.

There are only a limited number of UK lawyers familiar with the complexity of franchise agreements, and only some of those have the necessary skills to advise a business on the best way to structure a franchise agreement.

In this area you must get fully experienced professional advice.

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  • Rahim Verjee
    etyres - Franchisee case study

    Former tyre shop owner Rahim says: "I am a realist and I know how hard it is to establish a business from scratch. So I started looking at the possibility of joining a franchise, because I would benefit from the support and in-built reputation it comes with." He most certainly has!

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