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Thames Ditton and Esher Golf Club, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AL

About Ed`s Garden Maintenance

Company Overview

EGMEd’s Garden Maintenance provides a customer-focused garden service for business and domestic users aiming to provide the work on the same day. The services offered include lawn mowing, strimming, hedge cutting, garden clearance and pressure washing.

Founded in 2003, Ed’s started franchising in 2007 and is constantly evolving to be the best it can be for both customers and operators. Ed’s has been running for over 7 years with a target growth of 3–5 operators a year.

Franchise Overview

EGMEach operator is encouraged to build goodwill into their business such that it can be monetised when an operator chooses to move on. In recent re-sales, outgoing operators have doubled and in some cases quadrupled their initial investment as well as providing a decent income during their time with Ed’s. This has been enabled through developing real-time mobile technology to give instant visibility and through effective regional marketing spend. Marketing has delivered £18.00 in revenue for every £1.00 invested.

Key Information

  • Network Size: 25-40 units
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both management and job
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £15,000
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £7,000
  • Franchise Location: Van-based
  • Market: B2B and B2C

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EGMInduction covers:
(1) How to run a gardening business – half a day, office-based
(2) Delivering the services – we recommend at least 2 days with an experienced operator
(3) Advertising, marketing and computer training – half a day, office-based

Regular training covers:
(1) Operator meetings from business and garden experts throughout the year
(2) A personal business coach to help you achieve your goals and aspirations
(3) Annual business reviews

Daily Life of a Franchisee

Running an Ed’s business should involve 80% delivering the core services in the garden and 20% managing accounts, advertising and fine-tuning your business to give maximum profit. You will need a certain level of fitness to deliver the work.

The Ed’s systems assist you to manage your business on the road using the latest technology. Our most successful operators focus on building regular customers and providing excellent customer service.

Ed`s Garden Maintenance Case studies

  • Daniel Stockley

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Daniel Stockley

    Daniel had plenty of experience running his own business, having been doing so since he was 21 - when he wanted a new, fun challenge with good rewards he quickly knew Ed's was what he was looking for.

  • Paul Brunton

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Paul Brunton

    After becoming a father, Paul decided he wanted to expand into new areas with his business - now he's up to his neck in new work thanks to the support he's been given!

  • Paul Crocker

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Paul Crocker

    Paul left the corporate world far behind when he was made redundant, turning his passion for the outdoors into a successful business with support. He reflects on his first six months with Ed's.

  • James Leonard

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: James Leonard

    James wanted a strong brand and the opportunity to grow his business when he started looking at franchise opportunities - and says "I haven't stopped since I started", despite starting out during the recession!

  • John Marshall

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: John Marshall

    Following a career in communications with the police, John decided to pursue his dream of running a business. His verdict? "Instead of early retirement, I have started a new career, I’m making money and enjoying it!"

  • Tim Keys

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Tim Keys

    Tim made a complete switch when he traded his job in IT for his Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise, and he couldn't be happier - "I wouldn't go back to an office now!"

  • Steve Frise

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Steve Frise

    Steve Frise, from Hersham, Surrey, swapped the hectic world of the motor industry for the more fulfilling climbs of garden maintenance.

  • Zoran Strojanovski

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Zoran Strojanovski

    Zoran bought a re-sale territory with Ed's, and has been really impressed by the support and help he's been given to ensure a smooth transition to becoming a thriving business owner!

  • Kevin Gallacher

    Ed`s Garden Maintenance: Kevin Gallacher

    Kevin took redundancy from an oil company, did his research into what sounded like a great opportunity - and is so happy he's made the move from the corporate world to self-employment with support.

  • Brian Johnstone
    The Financial Management Centre - Franchisee case study

    Brian Johnstone missed working with different clients and meeting new people whilst working in the finance team of a large retailer. After deciding to go back to what he does best he joined The Financial Managment Centre.

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