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KarenKate Walker had never worked for McDonald's before she secured her franchise in 2004 at Bellshill near Glasgow. She and her husband, who helps to run her franchise, did have plenty of business experience - in advertising and utility cost management.

Kate feels the big advantage she had was seeing the business from a consumer's point of view. She's a mum with three kids, so she had visited McDonald's plenty of times. "There's always a danger that you get caught up in the processes and overlook the effect on the customer," she says. "I think I'm less likely to do that."

As a result, sales have gone up substantially ahead of the market and employee motivation is high, with a lot of staff wanting to take training courses and progress up the career ladder. "People development is really important in this business," says Kate. "Instilling pride in what you do so that people take responsibility for their role - that's absolutely key."

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