Case Study - Suzanne Torpey

SuzanneAs an entrepreneur, what made you decide to follow the path of becoming a franchisee?
I wanted to take control of my future and felt that starting my own business would allow me to achieve this. However, I also wanted to reduce the risks involved. You hear so many stories about new start-ups failing, so choosing the right business partner was probably the major part of the decision-making process.

What benefits immediately attracted you to a partnership with Myhome?
First impressions count and from the outset Myhome came across as highly professional organisation. They have a proven track record and a quality brand image. I felt that having a business model initially developed by Unilever was a real plus. I was also really encouraged by the helpful and hands on approach of the entire Myhome team, from the management team through to the support staff. I liked their 'can do' attitude and had a real sense that they were behind you all the way, which is just what you need when getting started.

What did you do prior to joining Myhome and how did your previous qualifications and experience prove useful to your Myhome business?
I worked as an IT/business analyst. Dealing with people and solving problems was a major part of my job which has been useful preparation for a running a Myhome franchise!

How has your Myhome franchise performed thus far and has it exceeded your expectations?
When you consider the fact that we have traded through a double-dip recession and the credit crunch, and still managed month-on-month growth, I would say that the business has certainly exceeded my expectations and has delivered what was promised at the outset – “a recession-proof business”.

What is the key to the success of your business and how has being a franchisee changed you in any way?
Meeting problems head-on and solving them to everyone’s satisfaction. We take great care in letting each client know that they are valued by us and believe that our professional staff and the high levels of service we provide sets us apart from the competition. Our cleaners know that our customers’ standards are high and we expect the same high standards from them.

How has Myhome’s extensive support ensured the success of your franchise?
The level of support that Myhome has provided has actually exceeded our expectations. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. There is always someone on the end of the phone willing to provide advice and talk us through any situations that arise, from marketing through to day-to-day operational issues.

In what way has Myhome changed your life in a positive way?
I wanted to be in control of my destiny – and I feel I am achieving this. Developing the business has been a very positive move for me and running the business allows me the flexibility and job satisfaction that working for an employer would not.

What are your long term goals, and where do you see your Myhome franchise in five years time?
I now have a very profitable and successful business with over 320 regular clients. It would be great to reach 500 clients and to grow the cross-selling function with other potential Myhome services. Selling the business is also an option and as I have been approached a number of times it is good to know that people see it as an attractive option.

What traits would you consider key to becoming a successful Myhome franchisee?
An all-rounder is always the best option. Probably a willingness to take on board and implement everything you have been taught at the training is a key factor. The systems they have in place are there for a reason – because they have been proven to work, so following these are really important. I think an unwavering dedication to providing a combination of top quality management and customer service will always win through.

Any accidents or disappointments?
No disappointments, but realistically, the busier you become the more chance there is of an accident. It’s not the accident that’s important – but how it’s dealt with!

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    MyHome has been providing premium domestic cleaning services to UK home owners for over ten years. We are very different from most providers because our staff are highly trained, full-time professional cleaners; totally reliable, fully insured and DBS checked. They are supplied with the latest cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products and use our exclusive Tri-Colour System, developed originally by Uniliver, which ensures a perfect hygienic clean each and every time!

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