About Proud to Franchise

Proud to Franchise was an initiative launched in 2006 to help consumers better indentify businesses that were franchised.

Since the inception of Proud to Franchise the bfa has also developed its engagement with franchisees to a point that in 2012 the bfa launched Franchisee Membership. This is a membership designed specifically for franchisees to gain representation, recognition, training, information and promotion through the bfa.

It was clear at this point that Proud to Franchise would take a step back from being the industry consumer facing initiative with franchisees now able to use the bfa logo as members in their own right.

However, the key messages originally set by Proud to Franchise still stand under the new banner of Franchisee Membership:

The nature of a franchise creates a best of both worlds situation for the consumer. Its structure of locally owned businesses, run by dedicated, passionate and professional people; supported by a larger network to provide lower costs, higher levels of consistency and security, means that you have a local business with national support.

So buying from a franchise means:

  • Local business ownership, pride and expertise
  • Determination and commitment from the owner
  • Consistency of service
  • High quality control
  • Security and stability from a robust business
  • Increased value for money, through lower purchasing costs

If you are a business customer you also have the added benefit of knowing that you can buy from a business that can weather economic storms better than most; meaning your supply chain is not disrupted.

Find out more about Franchisee Membership.

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