How to Franchise Your BusinessHow to Franchise Your Business

A bfa guide by Martin Mendelsohn

Franchising may provide the vehicle to grow your business. In partnership with other skilled individuals you could begin to develop a national network with a recognised brand and make your business a household name.

If you’re considering franchising your business, or have an idea that could develop into a successful franchise, this guide will explain the steps to take.

Many profitable businesses that have gone into franchising without adequate preparation have subsequently failed.

The moral cost is also high for the franchisor, who has persuaded people to re-mortgage their homes, sacrifice their life-savings and run-up heavy debts to join their franchise. Such disasters can be avoided with the guidelines in this book.

  • Mike Cormack
    PCL Roofing Solution - Franchisee case study

    BJC Joinery were a trade customer of PCL before becoming one of their franchisees. Based up in the North East of Scotland they are in an area where the weather has the potential to demonstrate extremities meaning that product integrity is of the utmost importance to them. The PCL range and the installation skills of BJC Joinery are more than a match for the weather.

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