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2012 David H. Sandler Award Goes to Shaun & Fiona Thomson

Shaun & Fiona Thomson, founders of the Sandler Training franchise in the UK, have been awarded the 2012 David H. Sandler Award. The award is the highest in the company and only 12 awards have been given in the history of the company all previously within the USA.

“The David H. Sandler Award is awarded yearly to a Sandler trainer who is not only successful in his or her individual training business, but who exemplifies the qualities David Sandler sought to develop and cultivate through his revolutionary sales training methodology: respect, professionalism and passion for one’s work. Shaun and Fiona Thomson demonstrate all these qualities, both through the phenomenal development of the UK training market, as well as for their service and support of the larger Sandler global franchise network.” “said Bruce Seidman, President of Sandler Systems, Inc.

Sandler now have more than 250 training centres in 29 countries, 27 of these training centres are now in the UK with no other global sales or management training company having their geographical spread or flexibility of delivery. The success of their clients builds the Sandler brand more effectively than any other factor. “It is our distinct pleasure to honour Fiona and Shaun with our highest and most coveted award for their organisation’s continued growth and success,” Seidman continued.

“It’s really all about supporting our franchisees until they get a return on their investment,” said Shaun Thomson.  “It is an honour to work with each and every one of our franchisees, and it is certainly an honour to receive this award.”

Sandler Training helps companies and individuals increase their sales and leadership effectiveness through training, coaching and consulting, serve businesses of all sizes with long-term development programs that offer continuous training, coaching, consulting and ongoing support.

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