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2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey is Out

The 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey is out, and the results are excellent. More people are employed in franchising than ever, in a sector that continues to grow. Also positive trends see multi-unit ownership on the up, and record rises in female and under 30 franchisees. 

bfa CEO Pip Wilkins stated of the findings: 
“Thanks to franchising, more people are starting their own business and more jobs are being created. These figures show that whatever your background, with the right attitude and ambition you can thrive.
“Many of the stats are new records in the sector. There are more franchised units, franchising adds more the UK economy than ever before and more people continue to get employed. The positive growth in these areas look set to continue in this ever-expanding industry.”
“The rate of female entrepreneurship is well above the national SME average, testament to the franchise community’s drive to empower women into business. We’ve come a long way since 2005, when more than 80% of newcomers were male.
“And the sharp increase in under-30s starting their own business is thanks to the franchise model bridging the gap between experience and ambition. I’m delighted to see so many younger people realising they have a choice between going it alone or being employed.”
“The fact that more franchisees are choosing to run more than one unit, either as part of the same company, or with a new franchise, is testament to the trust people have in the industry on the whole, and the benefits it provides.”
With more franchise units and systems, success levels remaining high and more people appreciating the positive business choice of taking on a franchise, the survey results prove that the sector is far more enabling than the wider business world for people pf all backgrounds. 
The report is available to members free of charge here. You will need to sign in to access it. The bfa survey is also available for non-members for purchase, which you can find here.
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