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2021 Legal Updates you and your business cannot afford to miss!

2021 Legal Updates you and your business cannot afford to miss!

Every year we bring together some of the greatest legal minds in franchising for our Legal bfa Seminar. Whilst the legalities should be left to the lawyers it is imperative that you keep abreast of what is happening in every aspect of business and franchising. As we know, from an operational perspective, the franchise agreement is a vital document to protect your brand and business system! We also know that often adjustments in the franchise agreement can also require changes within the operations manual. One only works well with seamless integration from the other. 

As a bfa member you have made a commitment to operating ethically as a franchisor, and in collaboration with the bfa this means we need to provide some definite tools that will help you and your teams understand your legal obligations for 2021. 

I’m not going to lie, it’s a full-on day, but the outcomes of it and the insights you will take away are invaluable. This is our most popular seminar in the calendar, and I think it is an essential one to attend. After all, we all have an obligation to protect franchising! 

Let’s take a look at What’s On… 

UK Franchise overview 

  • General legal Overview  
  • Economic Overview  
  • Trends Overview  
  • bfa Update  

The Uber Ruling and what it means/Joint Employer 

Hospitality and Leisure – the recent trends 

  • Dark kitchens 
  • Update on the industry – looking forwards 
  • Impact of changes to the system – online vs face to face 
  • Business Interruption insurance  
  • Cancellation policies 

Environmental, Social and Governance 

  • What is ESG? 
  • Criteria and Governance 
  • Sustainable Business Practices 

Injunctions and their use in franchising 

  • What are injunctions? 
  • When should they be used? 
  • How easy are they to obtain? 

Franchising ‘Disaster Scenarios’ 

  • Death and Incapacity/Power of Attorney  
  • Insolvency; Warning Signs & Practical Steps  
  • New Insolvency Rules 
  • Looking at the options 
  • When to engage an insolvency practioner 


  • Trademarks  
  • Impact of Brexit on Goods Tariffs  
  • Selling outside the UK  
  • GDPR; Direct Marketing and data transfers out of the UK  
  • EU Block Exemption  

Developments in the law around Good Faith 

Legal Q&A 

For more information and to secure a place for you and your teams please log into your bfa members area. If you need any support with log-in details you can contact the team at mailroom@thebfa.org. 

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