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2021 – What does it mean for the ServiceMaster group?

2021 – What does it mean for the ServiceMaster group?

If you are thinking about joining our brand this year, but have concerns over the current situation and the effect that it may have, this blog is for you.

In 2020, the ServiceMaster franchise brands became stronger as they adapted to the ‘new normal’ and as such, pushed the business model to new heights. All businesses found their feet to remain open safely when allowed, following government guidelines to provide essential services to those who rely upon it.

As we enter in to the third national lockdown, working in people’s homes, in particular is still permitted.

As such, we expect more and more individuals to turn to domestic cleaning companies to ensure that their home cleaning is undertaken thoroughly to guarantee the home is a safe and hygienic place to be whilst advised to ‘stay home’. Not only this, families are under more and more pressure to home-school, work from home and carry out other household duties, as such, cleaning cannot possibly be done as well in the limited time remaining in the day. Thus, there becomes a need to hire a professional Merry Maids domestic cleaner, to ensure that it not only gets done, but gets done effectively to protect the family.

At Rosemary Bookkeeping, their services are still certainly very much in demand and are valued amongst all business sectors as it allows them the time to focus on other things – whether lifestyle, or other areas of business consuming more time – such as the pandemic. In these particularly challenging financial times, a professional bookkeeper can help keep things in order as every penny counts! Rosemary Bookkeeping are a known and trusted brand for bookkeeping services – a business, businesses can turn to.

For our TruGreen customers, they felt safe continuing their services because of the minimal risk and the benefit of a green and lush lawn to enjoy whilst ‘staying home to stay safe’. As you will already know, TruGreen is a global, well-established lawn care company with over 40 years lawn care experience in the UK and is known for providing professional lawn care programmes and stand-alone treatments. TruGreen is a name that individuals know and trust.

At ServiceMaster Clean, our carpet and upholstery cleaning can now be bought online by residential customers, meaning that they can make this purchase, safely in the comfort of their own home ahead of a technician undertaking the clean at a convenient time for the customer, at a social distance in their home, with specialist products. ServiceMaster Clean Office Cleaning continues to ensure that offices and commercial properties are a safe place for visitors and employees alike.

This year, like any other year, our support as a franchisor continues. Business owners will receive unlimited support in not only all of the necessary business disciplines required to operate a first-rate ServiceMaster Group business, but also updates and guidance on the current and ongoing situation with regards to the pandemic. A sympathetic ear is also always available from a peer network of existing business owners.

With the added learnings and experiences from 2020 across a wide franchise network, the momentum is already there to build on 2020 and to make 2021 a better year.

If you would like to find out more about our resilience as a brand and our plans for 2021, speak to a member of our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005.

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