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A match made in heaven: the Tutor Doctor franchisees in business together

August 22, 2019

Another record month for Tutor Doctor as it continues to live up to its title of the world’s fastest growing in-home tutoring franchise. The brand has just welcomed six new faces into its ever-growing UK network. Excitingly, all of these new recruits are couples who made the investment with a significant other. Franchisees like Pete Simpson who, along with his wife Anna will open the doors of their franchise in Durham, and Eleanor Fox who launched her franchise with husband Matthew. Together, they are all aiming to support students in their local area to achieve their potential through learning. 

Going into business with a spouse has a whole host of benefits. It can make for a great working dynamic and allows both parties to leverage their strengths in particular areas of the business. A great advantage to this type of business partnership is that you know each other so well, the essentials of communication, respect and shared goals are already built in. Combine this with an industry you’re both passionate about and it’s a match made in heaven. Eleanor and Matthew Fox launched their Bedford-based franchise in July after they both realised there was a growing demand for tutoring in their local community.

“Many of our friends and colleagues have used tutors for their children,” says Eleanor, “and a common theme was how difficult it is to find a tutor that inspires them, builds confidence and is reliable. It was clear that Tutor Doctor gave us the chance to work together, whilst providing a solution to the problems faced. Going into business, we already knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how we complement each other – it has certainly brought us closer together.”

Like many Tutor Doctor franchisees, Eleanor and Matthew have the desire to change the trajectory of student’s lives through their learning. As part of their initial consultation, the pair thoroughly assess a child’s needs and match them with a suitable tutor to deliver the in-home session. Learning styles, personalities and even hobbies are considered in the hopes of creating a strong relationship between student and tutor which subsequently makes a lasting impact on their education. 

Despite his career in the corporate world, Matthew says he always dreamed of being his own boss. Eleanor worked for 13 years at Bedford Girls’ School before leaving to start her new life as a business owner. Her professional experience, as well as having two children of their own, made the opportunity to make an impact in the community a no-brainer. A similar desire to make a very real difference in children’s lives was what drew fellow new starters, Sian Wright and her partner Simon Payne, into the Tutor Doctor family. 

“We were both Assistant Principals at a school in North London which is where we met,” says Sian. “We wanted to apply our experience in education to a different setting, whilst acquiring the knowledge and skills to be successful in business. The shared mission of ‘changing the trajectory of students’ lives’ rang very true as educators and the clear vision, values and business model that underpins Tutor Doctor was attractive.” 

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