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A penny saved allows life-changing opportunities to spring

A penny saved allows life-changing opportunities to spring

Every November, the InXpress network commit to raising money, one penny at a time. The impact of this, has led to life-changing acts of kindness, and we can’t wait to do more.

At our core, InXpress is a business built on our heart – which we often wear on our sleeves. Our franchisees are as passionate about making a difference, as they are about their businesses. Which is why, every November, we’re “all in” when it comes to raising money, by donating at least 1p for every shipment booked throughout the month. Many of our offices have, over the last few years, chosen to pledge well-above 1p per shipment. And, we’re proud to announce we broke our fund-raising records, AGAIN, for the fifth consecutive year… all those pennies adding up to: £11,239.71.

What does this mean?

Anyone within the InXpress UK network, can put forward a person, a charity, or an idea of where we can use this to have a positive impact, and make a difference. The InXpress Give Back Committee are then responsible for managing the funds, and making sure the donations are used to help improve the lives of others, as we give back to the world around us.

The Penny Per Shipment campaign goes a long way to enabling us to have a positive impact, even finding ways to help save lives in the future. Over 2021, this included:

  • Offering support to franchisee, Debbie, as she bravely went through her cancer treatment
  • Providing the first of a number of defibrillators, around the UK, thanks to a suggestion by Lisa at InXpress North Surrey
  • Purchasing a specially-adapted race-chair for a special girl and her dad, who use it to raise money for other severely disabled children, thanks to InXpress Birmingham South
  • Supporting the work of Little LifeSavers who teach year six children how to do basic lifesaving, in an emergency situation – usually at home, thanks to InXpress Gatwick
  • Providing football kits to children in Ghana, thanks to InXpress Coventry

…Among other things.

“The Penny Per Shipment campaign is an important part of our calendar,” explains Melanie Spencer, InXpress’ Global Head of Marketing. “We love finding ways to make a genuine difference to the lives of people we know, as well as those in other countries. The money we raise, each November, gives InXpress the platform to turn our pennies into action. I’m excited to see how many people we are able to make a difference to, in 2022.”

Watch this space for up-coming throughout the year, as we discover ways to give back!

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