Membership benefits

Although there are numerous benefits of being a member of the bfa, the one that stands out is the recognition of credibility and standards in franchising that comes from passing the accreditation. The range of benefits that you can gain as a member – whether you are looking to grow your business, increase your profile or gain new levels of insight and expertise – are set out below.

Growth and Support

Market Profile

  • Access bfa events for new networking opportunities
  • Be considered for speaking opportunities across the UK
  • Upload news stories and case studies to the bfa website for the public and media to see
  • Gain profile and opportunities through association with bfa PR activities

Knowledge and Skills

  • Receive free subscription to newsline, the bi-monthly bfa news publication
  • Gain access to the bfa's Qualified Franchise Professional programme (QFP)
  • Access valuable knowledge sharing and guidance through the bfa forums
  • Gain regular updates on news and events direct to your desktop
  • Receive regular franchise technical bulletins on best practice and guidance for your business
  • Access to exclusive bfa training programmes and seminars on core franchising subjects

Influencing and Lobbying

  • Be part of the authoritative voice of franchising, lobbying UK and European governments in the interests of UK franchising

Benefiting your franchisees

In addition to the benefits above for the franchisor, membership to the bfa also has a number of intrinsic benefits for your franchisees. For a start, being an accredited member will help your franchisees get finance in the first place, as the specialist banks in the industry will look positively on accreditation of the brand.

These benefits will then continue through the life of the franchisee and even at the point at which a franchisee may want to sell the business. For a franchisee who is looking to sell their business, being part of a brand which is bfa accredited meansthat potential buyers will have more confidence and in many cases a better sale can be achieved.

Find out more about how to join the British Franchise Association.

Franchisee Membership:

If you are a franchisee and considering membership of the bfa, please see the Franchisee Membership pages. Launched in 2012, it is the first of its kind in the world. With franchisees on the Board of the bfa and dedicated benefits and services to help franchisees in business, Franchisee Membership provides a recognised and powerful voice for the franchise industry. 

*Subject to exhibitions rules, which may differ for some categories of membership.


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