The bfa is the only recognised Association which represents the entire UK franchise industry, which includes franchisors, franchisees and the expert professional advisors. It is also the officially recognised voice of British franchising for both the UK and internationally. In 1994 the bfa, with a number of other official international Associations founded the World Franchise Council (WFC). As well as being a founder of the WFC the bfa is one of the leading members of the European Franchise Federation (EFF), working to raise the profile of and protect franchising internationally.

The bfa produces the UK’s only recognised code of practice for ethical franchising, which is based on the European Code of Ethical Franchising. To support these important ethics the bfa has also been providing the industry’s annual research for 30 years: The NatWest bfa Franchise Survey. Over 20 years ago the bfa also introduced the industry’s national awards: bfa HSBC franchise awards. With the addition of the bfa’s Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) qualification in recent years the bfa is the mark of quality in UK franchising.

Through all of this work the bfa is recognised as the voice of UK franchising by government, academia and the media.

Over the many years that the bfa has been working on behalf of franchising many other companies have started various advertising websites, networking groups or membership organisations purporting to be alternative franchise associations for UK franchising. None of these have ever been officially recognised or approved franchise associations - and have always tended to be short term additions to the industry.

The bfa is owned and led by its members with ethical franchising at its heart. This provides a transparent, collaborative and powerful voice for the industry. 

Groups wanting to properly support ethical franchising and the bfa’s position can be very positive. However, we urge you to be cautious about any company without first understanding their full objectives and representation. Some may be nothing more than advertising platforms or small groups of businesses unable to reach the bfa’s own strict standards.

Find out more about the bfa’s own governance, history, code of ethics and standing.

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