The Franchise Trust

The Franchise Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales.

The intention of the Trustees is to deliver educational courses to develop knowledge skills and capabilities in business, including the practical application of business skills when setting up and running a business. The courses will be open to all, but priority given to individuals assessed as being in greatest need because of financial hardship, age, ill health and any other reason that may disadvantage those individuals in gaining access to educational opportunities.

More information on the Trustees can be found here. They all have a longstanding history in franchising and have demonstrated considerable experience in the sector.

The Franchise Trust will also provide free public access to information and resources about business and franchising, and support research that will help to further the charity's educational aims.


To help secure access to franchising information, education and opportunities for those who would otherwise be disadvantaged in gaining access by reason of youth or late age; of educational background or social circumstance; of military or other service for the state; of ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation; of disability or as offenders.


To ensure that no individual is prevented by circumstances that are not in their power to change but which the Trust can, from taking up the opportunities that franchising might otherwise offer them for self-advancement.



The Trust, its Trustees and all those who engage in the Trust's work or who fund it will do so in the spirit of service to individuals within or considering joining the franchise community, and without thought or expectation of benefit for themselves.


The Trust and its individual Trustees will not be swayed in the work of the Trust by any interests or considerations other than the pursuit of the Trust's charitable goals.


In pursuing its goals, the Trust will only engage in activity that has, or has the potential, to deliver significant and perceived value to the individuals who are the intended beneficiaries of the Trust's work.


The details Of the origins and disbursement of the Trust's funds, and the individuals engaged in undertaking the Trust's work, either directly or indirectly, will be made freely available by the Trust (save as is disallowed by the legitimate protection of private data) in the public domain.


Young People

To explore, design, fund and provide (or secure through other agencies) "apprenticeship schemes" and access routes to them, that will fit young people under 30 either for employment in franchised businesses, or for taking up a franchise opportunity.

People of Later Age

To explore, design, fund and provide (or secure through other agencies) entry routes to franchising opportunities for redundant or otherwise unemployed people over the age of 55.

Educational and Social Disadvantage

To research the needs of individuals (or secure that other bodies undertake research) with the personal characteristics that would fit them for a franchise opportunity but whose level of educational attainment in literacy, numeracy or otherwise — or whose social circumstances stand in their way; exploring, designing, funding and providing (or securing through other agencies), accessible remedial programmes to overcome those barriers to self-advancement through franchising.

Military and Other State Service

To explore, design, fund and provide (or secure through other agencies) franchise education, information and opportunities for men and women leaving the services that will:-

  1. Enable them to judge whether or not opportunities in self-employment through franchising are suitable and of interest to them;
  2. Provide initial training in all aspects of choosing and taking up and running a franchised business in the commercial world;
  3. Offer advantaged access to franchised businesses through those companies prepared to offer that access and through partnerships with participating professional and financial institutions.

Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation

To research in and with the franchise community the representation, as franchisees and as employees, of ethnic minorities and of women; and the representation of men and women in the LGBT communities; identify where such groups are under-represented and the origins of that under-representation; and explore, design, fund and engage the franchise community in the delivery of positive action to correct such under-representation.


To research in and with the franchise community the representation as franchisees and as employees of disabled persons, to identify what the opportunities are for people with differing kinds and levels of disability, to develop access routes into franchising for those with the capacity to succeed and to engage the franchise community in the development, funding and delivery of such access routes.

Offender Rehabilitaion

To research in and with the franchise community the barriers to the engagement as franchisees or employees of those who have been subject to a community punishment or who have served a custodial sentence for crimes that would not thereby disqualify them from the relationship of trust required in franchising; and explore, design, fund and engage the franchise community in the delivery of positive action to open access to specific qualifying groups following punishment through the justice system.

Supporting Programmes

To support the Trust's preceding seven goals by .

  1. Providing educational programmes and associated qualifications that will be recognised by the franchise community;
  2. Encouraging research into franchising systems by academic and other institutions such as will support the Trust's other goals;
  3. Supporting the use of, and help secure the provision of, franchising know-how to social enterprises whose aims are themselves charitable;
  4. Becoming a centre of excellence in franchising systems and their application for the advancement of individuals who would not otherwise be able without supporting provisions to capitalise on the opportunities that franchising offers.


To support the Trust's preceding eight goals by raising funds in the following ways:-

  1. by way of grant aid from franchising bodies, government and associated agencies and others;
  2. by way of endowments, bequests and donations from individuals and organisations who wish to support the Trust's work;
  3. by encouraging organisations with expertise needed for the Trust's work to offer that expertise to the Trust and its beneficiaries on a "pro bono" basis;
  4. by such other means as will support and not compromise the Trust's mission, vision, values or goals.

The Franchise Trust's initial funds of E5,000 were donated by the British Franchise Association in accordance with a decision by its Board in June 2011.


The Franchise Trust was initiated by the British Franchise Association (bfa) at its July 2010 Board meeting through a steering group made up of David Corbett (Chairman, Signs Express Ltd.), Max Woolfenden (retired Chairman of Wimpy UK Ltd) and Brian Lewis (Chairman, Cash Generator Ltd.). The Steering group was supported by Brian Smart, previous Director General of the bfa.

The Franchise Trust company was formally established in October 2012 with the preceding mission, vision, values and goals; with the British Franchise Association as the single member of the Trust; and the current Trustees as follows:

  • Pam Bader OBE, chief executive of Molly Maid
  • Jan Mitman, previously managing director of Drain Doctor 
  • Karl Sandall, managing director of TaxAssist
  • Brian Smart, director international euorpe, bfa


The secretary of the Franchise Trust company is Pip Wilkins, cheif executive of the British Franchise Association.

The Trust is based at the headquarters of the British Franchise Association at Centurion Court, 85f Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon. OX14 4RY, and can be contacted at


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