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Adapting to environmental changes – the franchise keeping lawns green in more ways than one

Adapting to environmental changes – the franchise keeping lawns green in more ways than one

For businesses across the globe, adapting to environmental changes has never been more important, which is why lawncare franchise Greensleeves is playing its part to keep its customers’ lawns green in more ways than one. 

As one of the leading lawn care treatment specialists in the UK, Greensleeves has shown its commitment to minimising its impact on the environment by ensuring that all its activity is as environmentally friendly as possible. And with grass acting as an all-important carbon sponge, unlike block paving, tarmac and other popular garden hard standings, the nation’s lawns have their own important part to play.

“At Greensleeves, we have been testing several environmentally friendly treatments that aren’t just helping us be more eco-friendly but also helping our clients’ lawns look even better too. For example, we’re using wetting agents and moisture retention soil to help maximise water efficiency. These products help lawns retain moisture and keep them green – even over the warm summer period. We have also been testing grass types that are going to be more drought tolerant, fungus resistant and faster germinating,” explained Greg Truby, Greensleeves Communications Manager and East Riding franchisee.

“Recently, we’ve been trialling a mineral soil amendment called Leozeo and have been really happy with the results. It has made the soil hold moisture longer and helps retain nutrients too. I think it’s excellent that head office is constantly looking to evolve and take advantage of these new technologies. Unfortunately, over the last few years spring and summer have been very warm, which means inevitably lawns started to dry out and look a bit brown, which is why these eco-friendly products offer great preventative maintenance.”

Alongside their solutions to address environmental impacts on their key business services, Greensleeves has also weathered the challenges of the pandemic. The horticultural franchise has experienced an impressive 18 months of growth with revenue up 63% over the first half of 2021 compared to an already record-breaking January to June period in 2020. And with new treatments providing an eco-friendlier approach to lawncare whilst also improving results, Greensleeves is set to continue flourishing.

“We get quite a few people asking us, ‘Are your products eco-friendly, are they good for the environment?’ The answer’s always yes. Although, I would say that most of our clients just want a nice lawn!” added Greg.

For more information, visit www.greensleevesfranchise.co.uk 

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