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Brand Mark Franchising Ltd (BMF) was set up in 2014 to take emerging brands to the franchise sector, with the slogan: “Want to franchise your business? That’s what we do”. Since then, BMF has flourished and taken many contemporary brands like Heavenly Desserts, Afrikana Kitchen, Endura Roses, Veeno, Amigos Burgers & Shakes and many more to the market and developed them into strong, robust and successful brands. Several brands have gone on to international development across the world.

Paul Davies the founder & director of BMF, along with his 30 years+ franchise experience steers & leverages brands towards greater recognition and credibility, ensuring a bfa compliant suite of collateral, an excellent flow of quality farnchisees, and a robust infrastructure and heirachy build to stablise and grow during the ebb and flow of the UK economy. He has worked as a director at various levels since 1990 with KFC, Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, United Carpets and many more sucessful and worldwide brands.

Brand Mark Franchising Ltd typically works on a longer-term basis with brands, and becomes a part of the team with expert knowledge of the brand in question.

Brand Mark Franchising Ltd, by working within the international sector, has contacts and experience of many international markets and indeed, works with brands that wish to develop overseas, or overseas brands wishing to enter the UK/EU franchise markets.

Franchise Services

Want to franchise your business? That’s what we do.

Brand Mark Franchising provides an A-Z One Stop Shop service so that new franchisors do not need to procure their own 3rd party experts, rather, Brand Mark Franchising does that for clients.

We have a hard earned reputation of delivering success to clients’ doors, working hand-in-hand with clients to build a strong relationship for the longer term, and taking brands across the UK and international territories.

Brand Mark Franchising also takes international brands to the UK and EU markets and has contacts throughout the world.

We have been BFA accredited since 2014.

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