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Chantry Group named as a recommended franchise valuation and resales agency by WhichFranchise

In the fast-paced world of franchising, finding the right experts to guide you through the complex process of franchise resales is crucial.

That’s why we are delighted to announce that Chantry Group have been appointed by WhichFranchise as a recommended provider for turnkey support with all franchise resales activities.

This includes tailored one-to-one support with franchise valuations, marketing the business, finding a buyer, and managing the sale through to completion.

Who are WhichFranchise?
WhichFranchise has been the UK’s leading franchise opportunity hub for over 25 years. Their reputation has been earned by being a trusted resource for aspiring and active entrepreneurs looking to explore the ever exciting world of franchising. They provide valuable insights, advice, and a comprehensive directory of franchise opportunities across all types of industries.

As a prominent platform for franchise information and guidance, WhichFranchise’s endorsement holds significant weight amongst the franchising community. Speaking about the news, WhichFranchise’s Head of Marketing, Suzanne Melville, said: “WhichFranchise is delighted to be working with Chantry Group to deliver expert resale advice and tailored services for those selling a franchise business.”

We are equally as thrilled that our burgeoning Franchise Business Brokers division has been recognised as the go-to team for everything franchise resales.

Franchise Services

Expert franchise resale valuations

Heading up Chantry Group’s franchise resales valuation and advice services is Senior Commercial Manager & Senior Franchise Growth Specialist, Ian Bradley.

Ian has seen it all in his 30+ years in franchising, having won multiple franchise-specific awards, sold his own franchised business, and sat on the board of the British Franchise Association (BFA).

Speaking about the news, Ian said: “Having had a long relationship with WhichFranchise, we are delighted to work alongside them to provide valuations and brokering business sales within the industry.

“With an expert team of brokers who have dealt with the valuation of businesses and sold franchised operations over many years, we feel well placed to provide the professional help to assist any franchisee, from any sector, through from the beginning of their exit journey to a successful sale.

“Each client receives a dedicated broker who will market the business, qualify potential acquirers, and have regular contact with the seller to ensure a smooth sales process.

“To be engaged by WhichFranchise to head up their valuations and resales offering is an honour for Chantry Group. We look forward to providing every client with unrivalled support and advice.”

Wraparound franchise resales support
The expertise provided by Chantry Group extends way beyond valuations. We also assist franchisees in marketing their businesses effectively, targeting the right audience, and maximising exposure through various channels.

Finding the right buyer for a franchise can be tricky; there’s a delicate balance between showing a business off and highlighting its strengths, and indicating the opportunities for a new owner to achieve a strong return on their investment. But through producing high-quality marketing strategies, informed channel selection, and our skilled lead handling process, we are able to find suitable buyers who align with the franchise’s values and goals.

This process is managed by Chanty Group’s Senior Account & Business Development Manager, Rob Orme. “We are delighted that WhichFranchise have selected Chantry Group to act on their behalf in the franchise resales space,” says Rob.

“Due to the growth in demand within the resale space, Chantry Group formalised its presence in the arena a number of years ago with the launch of Franchise Business Brokers. This is a dedicated team within the Group with significant specialist knowledge across both franchise valuations and finding a suitable buyer.

“We are proud to be extending this support and knowledge to an even wider range of franchise owners exploring their exit options, and prospective franchise owners looking at acquisition opportunities.”

Chantry Group’s Head of Recruitment & Brokering, Esther Boughton, also plays a vital role throughout the entire process. Esther, who boasts almost 20 years of experience in franchising, jointly oversees all aspects of Franchise Business Brokers’ operations.

Ready to find out more about selling your franchise business?
If you’re a franchisee considering selling your business, now is the perfect time to reach out to Chantry Group’s recommended resales experts.

With our expert knowledge, comprehensive services, and prestigious endorsement from WhichFranchise, you can rest assured that you will receive the support and guidance needed to achieve a successful franchise resale.

Contact us today for a free no obligation and confidential chat about your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ian Bradley – Chantry Group – and 07928 510758
Rob Orme – Chantry Group – and 07821 876511
Esther Boughton – Chantry Group – and 07706 001522
Suzanne Melville – Which Franchise –

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