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Being a Franchisor can be a lonely experience. Whatever the life stage of your business, the demands placed upon you to be a thought leader, a mentor, and a crutch to your network can be hugely demanding. We firmly believe that taking the time to think strategically is the single most important thing you can do as a new or developing Franchisor to set yourself off on the right path. Having the bandwidth to do it though is always challenging, and so Kindling was founded to help address this.

Kindling is led by Andrew Walters, a global Franchising expert with close to two decades of experience in senior management at some of the UK’s biggest and best loved Franchise systems. He has helped to build networks of more than 600 franchised locations globally across 20 countries.

Whether you are an established Franchisor looking to accelerate your growth, or an aspiring Franchisor keen to start the journey to Franchising your concept – we are here to help. Our approach is highly personalised and collaborative – we love to become part of the team with all of our clients.

Please visit our website to learn more about what makes us unique.

Franchise Services

Our services are broadly broken down into four main categories, though we are always happy to provide bespoke work based on specific needs.

Franchise your business

We work with a range of new brands across all sectors to provide strategic roadmaps, and to create all of the necessary documentation to start your Franchising journey. A highly intensive and exciting programme, and one where we get firmly under the skin of your business to build a Franchise network that truly represents you.

Franchise mentoring

Working with emerging and mature Franchisors, we take on the role of mentor helping to set targets, provide strategic insight and solve problems. We are there on demand each month to deal with whatever the Franchising world throws at you.

Franchise recruitment planning

Franchising is highly competitive and finding Franchises is for most networks, their hardest and enduring challenge. We work with our clients to build their brand USP and competitive edge, to create a fully aligned plan to generate leads, and most crucially to ensure that they are handled correctly to become completed sales.

International Expansion

For nearly 20 years now, Franchising brands globally has been at the heart of what Andrew has done. We are really proud to have taken brands into more than 20 countries, and to have helped overseas brands to enter the UK market.

Sadly, many Franchisors try to “go global” and fail. In most cases this is not because their concept or brand was flawed,  more through failing to understand the complexity and demands they would face. We’ve exceptional experience in helping Franchise networks to either take their first steps into Franchising overseas, or to reboot a failing international strategy and regain control of their brand.

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