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Joined 2021

Membership History

Joined 2021

Company Overview

Automated Analytics was the brainchild of founder and CEO Mark Taylor. The aim is to close the loop on the tracking of online clicks to offline conversions, enabling better campaign optimisation – whether it be to generate more sales or hire more candidates.

Franchise Services

eSales Hub

“We pay for Google and Facebook, you pay per lead” was the start point for our lead generation business, eSales Hub. This led us to create our own AI which automates the listening to and categorising of inbound calls, so we could optimise campaigns quickly and efficiently without having to listen to a single call. Knowing whether a call was a sales call and if it converted enables us to get a unique competitive edge in creating high converting leads. We don’t need the client to feedback to us on lead quality. We know instantly and can optimise the online campaign faster.


Identifying that the recruitment journey was very similar to an online to offline sales journey, Talent Track was developed to analyse the source of every applicant and combine it with payroll data to attribute hires for better media optimisation. Automated shortlisting and vetting were then added to speed up the hiring process and reduce client resource to candidate shortlisting and time to hire.


Developing our platform to track anonymous website visitors over multiple sessions, traffic sources and keywords, together with call outcomes and CRM data, creates one complete customer view. This saw the introduction of our Call360 Analytics Platform. We pull data from multiple sources to present one complete view of the customer journey, allowing businesses to easily understand behaviours and friction points limiting growth.



eSales Hub – Europcar

“We use eSales Hub to generate inbound phone sales to supplement online reservations as

part of our marketing strategy for our Long-Term Solutions. They are our highest converting

lead source with an average ROI of 25/1 which we’re thrilled about. The eSales Hub team are

fantastic too, extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

Sarah Clarke – Marketing Manager – Europcar

TalentTrack – Dyno                                                         

“We’d used Indeed to advertise our jobs locally, but we just weren’t getting any volume.

Using Talent Track turbo charged our recruitment; we were flooded with applications in the first month. I’d therefore have no hesitation in recommend Talent Track”

Reg Ilingworth – Franchise Owner – Dyno Liverpool

Call360 – Red Driving School

“We’ve used Call360 to generate and manage our Google My Business entries. We’ve seen our revenue grow 10-fold in 6 months and we are delighted with the results.”

Andy Michell Marketing Director – RED Driving School


Email: enquiries@automatedanalytics.co.uk
Tel: 01302 636 278
Location: Doncaster, DN4 5NU
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