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Joined 2022

Membership History

Joined 2022

Company Overview

When Henry Besley started his small family print business in 1750, little did he know that staying true to his original principles, the business would adapt & evolve over the course of 272 years from a traditional printer, to become a solutions-based brand management business.

As it did many years ago when we installed the first semi-automatic printing press and creating the ‘Clarendon’ font, technology continues to transform the way we deliver our services. Through our BrandHub, we now provide franchisors with innovative solutions that support their business & create opportunities for growth.

With the newest guardians at the helm, Nigel & Shane have moved besley & copp into a new era, concentrating on customer service & delivering on their promises! Welcome to besley & copp….

Franchise Services

We understand that franchises businesses face a unique set of challenges that aren’t presented by conventional single-site business models. Brand control & ensuring the product offering remains consistent across a growing network is incredibly difficult.

The BrandHub is the nerve centre of operations. Behind the scenes, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help source, tailor and support your brand asset portfolio. From creative design through to procurement and delivery, we have everything you need to keep your network on-brand. The BrandHub was created with the marketing challenges faced by franchises in mind. From one place, our elegant web-based solution showcases your brand assets, marketing communication & entire product portfolio across your franchise network.

Empowering your network is essential for growth and to reduce central administration but can result in the brand becoming diluted or damaged by incorrect use. The BrandHub removes these inconsistencies by simple branch profiling & the management of an approved product range, maintaining the brand integrity and streamlining purchasing and manufacturing. From Manchester to Minneapolis, the result is an instantly recognisable brand across every channel where the materials are shared. Quality is controlled & purchasing is made simple & cost-effective by leveraging economies of scale.

Whether you are at the start of your franchise journey or a fully established network your challenges are the same. By partnering with besley & copp and the BrandHub we can help you centrally control your brand assets & product range at the touch of a button, reducing central administration, monitoring quality and lowering costs:

  • Fully branded BrandHub
  • Centrally controlled product range
  • Dynamic franchisee personalisation
  • B2B & B2C Direct mail services
  • Lead generation data reseller
  • Editable & trackable QR codes
  • Dedicated franchisee support
  • Starter pack & onboarding
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Revenue stream generation
  • Conference support
  • Unlimited users


We have an excellent longstanding relationship with besley & copp and see them very much as an extension of our internal marketing department.

Having worked together for so long, they understand our business and the needs of our franchisees always going above and beyond to improve the services they provide and look for efficiencies.

They are helpful, reliable and provide excellent service to our network giving walkthrough welcome calls and demonstrations of how to use the BrandHub to all new starters.

Franchisees love the BrandHub, how intuitive it is to use, that everything can be ordered from one place. And of course, we love the control it gives us to ensure consistency across the brand and monitor marketing levels.

besley & copp are a partner that have supported us at every stage of our growth journey, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Sarah Makin, Head of Marketing at EweMove



ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Contract Services, Merry Maids,

besley & copp have a strategic partnership with ServiceMaster to provide a brand management platform (BrandHub) for each of the ServiceMaster brands; ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Contract Services, ServiceMaster Restore, Merry Maids,TruGreen, Rosemary and Furniture Medic. Services include Graphic Design, Social Media Imagery, Print, Promotional Merchandise and Direct Mail.

The BrandHub was the ServiceMaster system of choice as it addressed many marketing challenges faced by the franchisor and the franchisee. These included control, personalisation, operational savings and franchisee support.

Empowerment was key to increasing efficiency across the organisation, and the BrandHub reduced the need for micro-management and minimised the risk of the brands becoming damaged or diluted causing marketing inconsistencies and poor lead generation. What the BrandHub has done is to remove the inconsistencies with local marketing and establish a defined brand portfolio but with a flexible localised approach. This has been achieved with simple branch profiling, innovative system personalisation, an outsourced approved product range and the streamlining of network-wide purchasing and manufacturing.

Alongside the BrandHub, the besley & copp team have also integrated with the Servicemaster Brand Managers to put in place an enhanced franchisee support service without additional cost. Whether it’s LiveChat, email or by telephone, we’ve added another layer of support to improve efficiency and reduce the call on the central marketing team.

Alan Lewin, Managing Director at ServiceMaster



The BrandHub has been a game changer for us and our franchisees. It has significantly reduced the FTE requirement in the support centre to process and manage the supply of brand assets, uniform, and collateral. For franchisees, it could be easier to order promotional materials, uniforms etc and having the ability to customise items means that franchisees can produce their own material within brand guidelines and order instantly.

In summary, the Brand Hub saves us money and makes for a faster smoother process which both HQ and franchisees love.

Besley and Copp are always a pleasure to deal with. The bend over backwards to help and provide a platform that meets our needs. They take on board feedback and even allows us to put items on the hub that are not supplied by them to the platform is the perfect end to end solution for all the franchisees needs.

I have no hesitation in recommending their service and the company to other franchisors.

Nigel Dawson, Director/Co-Founder of easyStorage


Case Studies

The Property Franchise Group

An impressive multi-brand portfolio

The Property Franchise Group is the UK’s largest multi-brand property franchisor, with a network of over 500 lettings and estate agency businesses delivering high quality services to residential clients. Throughout their many years in operation, the Group has amassed an impressive portfolio of franchisees that has allowed them to establish a prominent presence within the property market. With over 58,000 properties currently managed on behalf of landlords across their nine brands, The Property Franchise Group required a professional multi-brand management system to align marketing materials across their multiple branches and brands. That’s where we came in.

A nice referral but the challenge was set

When our long-term client, Ewemove, was acquired by The Property Franchise Group, we were invited to submit a proposal to include 5 of their High Street brands.  The Group needed to ensure a modern print asset management solution for franchisees of CJ Hole, Ellis & Co, Martin & Co, Parkers and Whitegates, a total network of over 250 high street branches. Key requirements included having modern online user experience, a good value range of products and services, as well as excellent customer service.

Speed, professionalism & efficiency

Excited by our proposal and our experience in transitioning from previous suppliers, we worked very quickly with the Group to establish their requirements and desires which included a complete overhaul of the previous system. In just 12 weeks, we had identified the required brand assets, sourced a supply chain and built an asset library of products and services within our BrandHub, including print, promotional merchandise, clothing and direct mail services.

“Our experience with besley & copp was extremely positive and we were immediately impressed with their ideas, responsiveness and overall attitude. It was obvious that this relationship would have a great impact for our business. Friendly team, great communication, a wide range of products and a ‘can do’ attitude, going above and beyond to get things right”

What we do best

Our BrandHub was created with the marketing challenges of large organisations in mind. It creates and stores a profile for each franchisee to limit user input and increase the accuracy of all the material created. As a result, the brands are able to remain consistent across all channels, quality is controlled and purchasing made simple and cost-effective leveraging economies of scale.

“We have an extensive network of branches across the UK which makes it difficult to ensure consistency of marketing, so the BrandHub was a game changer for us. Having the ability for our regularly ordered products to be stored and distributed resulted in a reduction in administration and resources for the central marketing team.”

Values & Experience

The Property Franchise Group identified in besley & copp a company with a history of success that could match its own values and appreciation for quality communication. Our experience in both franchise and estate agency sectors came together with this project as we were able to show all our skills both for the central Group team and the franchisee network. The result being a highly personal and scalable service.

“With besley & copp they have a clear understanding of the franchise model and how to support both the franchisor organisation and the franchisees which is not always an easy task!”

The Property Franchise Group is a highly valued client and we’re thrilled to hear how pleased they’ve been with our services since we began working together in 2017. Through innovation, our products and services will continue to develop and we look forward to the positive effect that this will have on our future relationship.


Meyers Estate Agents

About Meyers

Owned by Mark & Claire Meyers, Meyers Estate Agency has made a name for itself as the ‘estate agency rebels’. With specially designed systems & processes to complement lifestyles & profit from any location, their focus on providing truly outstanding customer service & value for money has placed them in the top 3% of estate agents in the UK, as voted by the Best Estate Agents Guide with a rating of ‘excellent’.

Launched in Dorset, the business is on a nationwide franchising journey & now operates across 11 locations. As franchisees’ interest in Meyers from across the UK grew, so did the challenges surrounding brand management. With the franchisee network growing & its demands increasing, their Poundbury HQ was spending a great deal of unnecessary time managing the day to day design requests; taking valuable hours away from the administration team. Also becoming difficult to manage were the multiple outsourced design services, which were creating danger for brand dilution & miscommunication amongst its customers.

Fortunately, Mark was quick to realise this danger & the difficulties his team were facing. After seeking advice, he was put in touch with besley & copp & found the solution in our BrandHub.

How the BrandHub helped Meyers

Following an initial meeting at the Meyers HQ, besley & copp were able to quickly identify & understand the problems faced by the business. Within weeks, we were able to audit Meyers brand assets & start advising on an efficient & scalable long-term solution for continual management.

In a short space of time, besley & copp worked with the Meyers team to identify, quality check & centralise all of Meyers brand assets, giving the BrandHub a solid foundation. From here, the franchisee network was profiled and the Meyers ‘Store’ (BrandHub) was born, creating a single-source access point for everything Meyers.

With the help of our extensive supply base and buying power, we were able to put in place a full range of estate agency centric products including Print, Social Media, Promotional Merchandise & Direct Mail, all topped off with our 5-star rated franchisee support service.

As a result of Mark’s decision to adopt the BrandHub, central administration costs were reduced, efficiency was increased & those valuable lost hours had been regained.

Don’t take our word for it

Mark Meyers says: “Shane & his team have consistently gone above & beyond for us, even through Covid turbulence, to dedicate the skills & time required to help organise & distribute the Meyers Brand assets from one easy to access point with the best quality vs pricing we could create.” 

Like Meyers, at the heart of besley & copp lies an appreciation for quality communication & a desire to always create the best outcome for our customers. We’re thrilled to hear Mark confirm that we were able to achieve this for the Meyers team, & we look forward to sharing future developments with the team as our products & services continue to innovate.

Email: hello@besleyandcopp.co.uk
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