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Joined 2022

Membership History

Joined 2022

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Beyond Corporate is Beyond Law Group’s (beyondlawgroup.co.uk) Corporate and Commercial Practice. Beyond Corporate offers its clients specialist advice across corporate, real estate, construction, employment, dispute resolution and commercial practice areas.

The Beyond commercial team offer their expertise in core commercial areas and franchising. The team holds a breadth of experience and specialism in preparing franchise agreements and advising how a brand can successfully expand its global presence through franchising, as well as acting for franchisees. Within the wider commercial offering this involves contract drafting and providing practical advice on wider commercial matters including data protection and intellectual property with the ultimate goal of enhancing their client’s business growth and development.

The team hold experience in acting for clients across a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, care, food and beverage, and manufacturing

Franchise Services

Services for prospective Franchisors

  • Advising and assisting with trademark registration
  • Preparation of franchise agreements
  • Advice and assistance with issuing franchise agreements and dealing with prospective franchisees

Services for established Franchisors

  • General advice on managing an existing franchise network
  • Advice and guidance on managing franchise renewals
  • Advice and guidance on managing franchise resales
  • Advice and assistance with trademark infringement, copyright infringement and passing off claims
  • Advice and guidance on managing conflicts and disputes

Services for prospective Franchisees

  • Franchise agreement reviews
  • Advice and assistance with purchasing a franchised business

Services for established Franchisees

  • Advice and assistance with selling a franchised business
  • Advice and assistance in relation to multi-unit or multi-brand ownership
  • Advice and guidance on managing conflicts and disputes


Email: franchise@beyondcorporate.co.uk
Tel: 0161 507 7110
Location: Manchester
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