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Membership History

Joined 2021

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Powerfully simple financial analysis, performance reporting, three-way cash flow forecasts, benchmarking and consolidations. Connects directly to your favourite accounting software including Xero and QuickBooks. Powering insights at 50,000 plus businesses worldwide. Whether visually identifying areas for improvement across the network, or producing customised reports, you’ll always be prepared with Fathom.

Franchise Services

Fathom for Franchisors

Your complete bird’s eye view. Track, compare and report on your franchisees’ performance, in a couple of clicks.

How Fathom helps franchisors:

  • See a harmonised and consistent view of your franchisees’ results, charts of account and KPIs, allowing you to accurately assess performance across the network.
  • Benchmark and compare franchisees’ performance, identifying top performers and underperformers, allowing you to take any required actions.
  • Create custom report templates which can be rolled out across all units, and automatically produced each period.
  • Consolidate results across the whole network, or different subsections, to see the full picture.
  • Segment your franchisees into different regions or other groups to gain the most meaningful insights.


Fathom for Franchisees

Get the input that strengthens your business in one easy to use system. Track results, hit budgets and move faster towards your goals.

How Fathom helps franchisees:

  • Save time with with easy to use workflows, reporting and consolidations
  • Be kept up-to-date on key metrics
  • Know how you compare against your peers with anonymised benchmarking
  • Get personalised performance reports and easily communicate data to your franchisor
  • Consolidate your franchise units in a couple of clicks, for a holistic view


“Fathom is a critical tool that allows us to get a complete view of finances across the entire franchise network.”
Lawhorn CPA Group

“We moved to Fathom in late 2012, before then, our processes for reporting and benchmarking involved a lot of manual spreadsheets. As the business grew, our benchmarking data was only able to be updated quarterly, as the process was too time-consuming to prepare monthly reports and this often meant a lag in getting important data to our franchisees, our management and front line support teams. Fathom’s Benchmarking tools now pull together results from each franchisee automatically each month. It allows franchises to compare locations across any financial ratio or KPI they choose. It also allows franchisees to view an anonymised data-set to see how they compare against their peers.”
O’Brien Group

Email: support@fathomhq.com
Tel: +448003688839
Location: Cambridge
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