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Membership History

Joined 2022

Company Overview

You know the expression “working ON your business, not IN your business” but few business owners can truly live that given everyday pressures, and the need to run a lean team to keep costs down.

Having built, run, and sold a multi-award-winning franchise, we know how much support is needed as you grow and as you try to innovate – and how important a safe pair of hands can be. We also acknowledge that you probably know what you need to do but there are projects that keep moving from your to-do list in favour of the day-to-day tasks that need your attention.

Our business model isn’t just to tell you what you need to do, it’s to make it happen and deliver on projects.

We welcome enquiries about all aspects of franchise development – and may simply point you to someone who you need to meet. We’ll be honest if we can’t help, or don’t have the time. We are not consultants and, if you are looking to franchise, there are plenty of great consultants in the bfa who will help you do that. We’re offering to complete some of the ‘tasks’ needed to build the franchise once you have that model defined.

We’re based in West Berkshire but believe in the power of face to face – so when it’s possible, we’ll visit you for a face-to-face meeting, although for time saving and financial economy, we’ll work primarily in a digital space for the majority of the time.

We have been in franchising since 2006 as franchisee, franchisor and business support for Franchisors. We’ve run our own businesses and we’re human! Whilst we may utilise the odd template, you’re getting a tailored, friendly, relaxed but efficient team member to complement the skills that are already driving your success.

Franchise Services

We have four areas that we can offer support with:

  1. Your operations manual – we can help make it an agile, energetic and useful tool, not just a file on a shelf. We can also make sure, perhaps most importantly, that your manual reflects your franchise agreement – keeping you legally compliant! We know what’s needed and how to deliver it – all we need is to make sure it has your business brand and personality too. We review, edit, upgrade, rewrite, write from scratch or just help inform policy. We can also take it to an online platform that will deliver real time feedback, take out some of the work of chasing Franchisees and monitoring activity, and make it easy to keep it up to date. Franchise models change as Franchisor’s innovate or adapt – and we make it possible to keep updating easily, with the minimum of hassle, and to monitor Franchisee engagement with that update.
  2. Bringing new Franchisees on board – our background in training and development means we can help you develop an induction program for your franchisees that will help make their first step into your business an exciting one, covering what’s needed to set them up. Since the knowledge of systems and your business sits with you and any head office team members, we can offer a ‘train the trainer’ option to write material with you and help to keep your trainers confident and enthusiastic – and give your trainees a better experience.
  3. Technology support – we are not developers! But we can help guide on, and implement, new technology that will streamline your business and help you to scale, reduce admin and/or have better management information at your fingertips. We are not resellers and will simply work with you to find the best options for your business.
  4. Process mapping – in some ways relating to the operations manual but a bit more hands on, at the coal face. We’ll take a look at the key processes in your business – they could be head office or operational functions – and help to streamline and document as needed.We like to consider ourselves as ‘a piece of your jigsaw’ and we trust that we can add value without adding major cost.


Email: louise@franchiseprojects.co.uk
Tel: 07786 625906
Location: National / Berkshire
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