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Joined 2022

Membership History

Joined 2022

Company Overview

Dispute Assist is a brand delivered to the franchise market by QASSS, a multi-award winning, alternative dispute resolution provider, focused on the home improvement, homes services and renewable energy markets. Basically, anything to do with the home!

We focus on 3 aspects:

  1. Absolute parity of service. Both parties are treated exactly the same.
  2. Speed of resolution. We deliver our service 20 times faster than in the industry benchmark
  3. Innovative costing models. We ensure that the business is not burdened with large, unbudgeted bills as is often the case in the ADR sector. We ensure the other sides pays their dues as well.


Our service and speed comes from staying true to our origins, which is helping home improvement and renewable energy companies. We have been doing it since 2006.

Franchise Services

As UK legislation gears up for further change in relation to consumer detriment, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will become the main method of providing consumers and businesses a facility to resolve their differences outside of court. In fact, courts are actively encouraging this already whereby if you have not engaged in ADR before a court case, and lose, the court will automatically award costs to the other side.

Dispute Assist is designed to be a differentiator for franchises, whilst also ensuring you remain compliant with changing legislation. We ensure every end customer is covered by our service and will take hold of any complaints that have gone beyond 28 days without resolution. We can take them earlier too if it looks like both sides are in stalemate.

We will manage all communication between the franchise and the end customer, working towards a resolution agreeable to both parties, using our extensive experience and innovative technology. We include everything in our pricing to make it easier for the financial controllers. So that means mediation, conciliation, independent inspections, expert witness reporting and expert determination are all included. If you want us to, we can even complete any remedial work using our independent contractor network as well. All of this from as little as a few pounds per job.


Cloudy2Clear, James Stanley

With our Which membership we have access to dispute resolution in the event of a problem. QASSS Ltd were assigned to deal with a case where a consumer would not accept that the glass had been fitted correctly. We as a business take any issues seriously but without the help & expertise of QASSS Ltd this matter could have gone on & on. QASSS did all of the legwork, using video capture technology & even instructing an independent inspection as part of the service. Thankfully the report confirmed that the glass was in fact fitted correctly & QASSS spent the time to walk through the report with the consumer in question to ensure no further action was taken. Cloudy to Clear would highly recommend the dispute resolution services that QASSS offer, the mediator was professional at all times & also understands the home improvement sector.


Federation of Master Builders, Hayley Lorimer

We are pleased with the QASSS provides, for the following reasons: Fast turnaround times – most disputes are resolved within a matter of weeks (even days in some cases), which could have taken much longer if dealt with in-house. Communications and reporting – we are kept fully up to date with progress on all cases, and any issues of concern flagged immediately. Professionalism – the QASSS mediators are skilled at handling disputes on a factual basis, and working to progress them to a reasonable outcome. Independence – we believe that the independence of the service creates more confidence in the people using it, that they will reach a fair outcome.

Email: s.robinson@qasss.co.uk
Tel: 0161 676 0919
Location: Manchester, covering all of the United Kingdom
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