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Joined 2021

Membership History

Joined 2021

Company Overview

Since 2002 Nick Strong and his team have been innovating technical solutions to support growth for the franchise sector. With calls from franchisors for methods to improve social media management across networks, Nick and his team developed and released SocialHANDLER in Q4 of 2018. Through SocialHANDLER the team works with the BFA to support ‘Brand Franchising’ projects and with franchisors, and their networks, to manage social media publishing at scale.

Franchise Services

SocialHANDLER is designed to help franchise brands build and protect brand reputation in social media publishing through and across franchise networks. It is fast to set up and easy to use.

SocialHANDLER is a cloud based technology that enables franchisors, or their agencies, to create  social media campaigns and, at the click of a button, forward those campaigns to their network of franchisees for local publishing. On receipt of the campaigns the franchisees can easily publish the posts received to their own social media Pages.


“We adopted SocialHANDLER to support our franchisees with social media and improve the consistency of our external communications across the franchise network. SocialHANDLER helps us increase the brand awareness of our offices and of Caremark by regularly sending our franchisees high quality and consistent content. It is also saving our franchisees’ time and effort in creating social media content.”
Teva Herve-Serna (Caremark Digital Marketing Coordinator)

“We adopted SocialHANDLER to improve our social media pages as we don’t post much content on it and therefore this seemed like a good solution for it. It is simple and quick to use. It helps to raise our social media profile and leaves us with more time to focus on growing our business.”
Abhay Shah, (Caremark Hillingdon Franchisee)

“The service provided by SocialHANDLER to Bluebird Carte in 2020 was a key past of out national marketing activity. The delivery of social media content to a network or over 200 offices was a key part of our plans in establishing our National Marketing Fund, and the SocialHANDLER platform make that possible. We were able to successfully ingrain social media best practice within our businesses, at the same time as delivering timely and relevant content, at scale and on brand. Something that in the past has proven challenging. The SocialHANDLER platform makes all that possible.”
Hannah Banfiled, (Bluebird Care Marketing and Communications Director)

“Bodystreet decided to use SocialHANDLER as it provides a good way for out head office marketing team to create on brand social media campaigns and send them to franchisees to publish on their Pages on a local level. The system works well for out needs. We are happy with the support we receive from the SocialHANDLER team.”
Mark Holland (CEO of Bodystreet UK)

Email: nick@socialhandler.online
Tel: 023 8027 5710
Location: Chandlers Ford, Hampshire
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Social Media considerations for franchisors
28 October 2019
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The bfa & SocialHANDLER – ‘Putting Franchising on the Map’
22 February 2021

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