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Thinking of franchising your business?
This is a major strategic decision with potentially far-reaching effects and you need the best advice you can get. For many years we have been guiding people just like you through the process of franchising their business in an efficient, cost-effective way to achieve profitable growth.

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Our role is to guide you through the process of developing a professional, robust franchise model that has all of the ingredients for success built in. However, this can be just the start of the process. Many clients continue through our structured development programme. This can include working with you to recruit your first franchisees, continuing to develop your systems, recruiting new staff with franchise experience, training your team, taking your brand into international markets and even building equity value and exiting the business when the time comes. If you want to achieve long-term success via franchising, we have the team, experience and programme to get you there. Contact us now for a FREE, no obligation chat.


“Without hesitation, we would highly recommend the expert services of The Franchising Centre team to any business for whatever franchise development requirements they are seeking definitely value for money”
Tony Pruett, Mac Tools

“Pam has been of great help in developing our Franchise set up. There is a great deal of hard work required in terms on putting together a strategy, creating an franchise agreement, marketing etc and Pam has led us through this process from the start. Don’t try and do it alone!! I would highly recommend the Franchising Centre and Pam in particular.”
Richard Mayle MD First Vehicle Finance Ltd

“As the brand value of MummyYoga increased and our ambitions to expand and scale were directed towards a franchising model, we researched and met in earnest many franchise consultants. I met Alan at a masterclass organised by The Franchising Centre among other industry experts. Alan’s expertise, ease with the complex issues within the franchising model and his broad understanding of many different types of businesses was very impressive. By the end of that day, we had struck a good rapport and I returned with a feeling that he would be the right advisor for a niche business such as MummyYoga. When the time was right, we approached Alan to help us move our business forward. We are very impressed with his work ethics, his currency within the business world and his valuable advice. Despite being as distant from our core demographic clientele as possible, Alan has an uncanny knack of striking the right balance between business acumen and an understanding of what MummyYoga stands for. With the help of The Franchising Centre and Alan, today we stand at the helm of our business, moving at an impressive pace forward. I have to honestly say that without Alan’s help and advice we would still be faltering in our expansion plans. So, if you are considering franchising your business and are held paralysed by the many options available, I would highly recommend you try TFC. These guys are second to none when it comes to knowing everything about franchising. They are peerless, and I say this after meeting with many self-proclaimed industry experts”
Mummy Yoga

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