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And we’re live – Greensleeves celebrate the launch of its new app

And we’re live – Greensleeves celebrate the launch of its new app

This month, lawncare franchise Greensleeves celebrates the network-wide launch of its new app, Greensleeves Live. The app allows Greensleeves franchisees to manage daily jobs, complete quotes, record product usage, issue customer invoices and log lawn issues and treatment recommendations. Also acting as a sat nav and providing live updates on weather conditions, the app is a prime example of franchisors using technical innovations to advance their business. 

Craig Boulton, Greensleeves South Essex franchisee, was the first franchisee to join Greensleeves during the pandemic. He has just completed his first year with the horticultural franchise and has spent the last few months trialling the new app. “The Greensleeves Live app has been a fantastic tool, allowing me to provide more value to my customers over the past few months. It’s proven to be a great time-saving device as it allows me access to everything I need at the click of a button – it really has helped speed the whole admin process up considerably,” explained Craig. 

“I was sceptical about using the app at first, especially in the first month of trialling it when it still had glitches and certain functions that weren’t working properly – typical of any new tech. However, head office welcomed any feedback we had and now it’s working fantastically. As with all new technology, it did take some time to get used to, but because everything is mapped out simply it was easy enough to pick up. The development of this app has helped give myself and the other franchisees the opportunity to connect with customers faster and easier than ever before. It’s definitely allowed me to provide a better service.” 

The launch of the new Greensleeves app follows on from a successful first half of the year for the horticultural franchise, which has gone from strength to strength in terms of both customers and revenue growth this year. For example, Greensleeves had almost doubled its number of new customers in June 2021 when compared to the same time last year.

David Truby, MD of Greensleeves, said, “I’m delighted the app has gone live. It’s working well and we’re getting loads of positive feedback from the franchisees. The idea behind developing the app was to help find an innovative way to give our franchisees access to everything they would typically have on their computer while working out on site with customers’ lawns. Greensleeves Live gives franchisees access to everything they could possibly need when out on a job.” 

For more information, visit www.greensleevesfranchise.co.uk 

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