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Animation’s drawing more customers to The Wheel Specialist’s franchisees

Animation’s drawing more customers to The Wheel Specialist’s franchisees

Franchisees of family-owned alloy refurbishment network The Wheel Specialist now have a powerful new tool in their branding arsenal: an animated advertising campaign that should bring a significant boost to their incomes and a big increase in brand awareness.

Managing Director Jack Murphy commissioned the highly-engaging animation to celebrate the network’s millionth wheel refurbishment and acknowledge the years of hard work and determination that the franchisees had put into reaching that milestone.

“We’re confident the animation will bring The Wheel Specialist to even wider public attention and lead to many more sales for our hard-working franchisees,” says Jack.

“Not everyone’s aware that kerbed, scratched or damaged wheels can be brought back to life, so our animation tells people how easily our professionals can do that.

“Our franchisees don’t just take out kerb marks or general wear and tear and then repaint. It’s a complete refurbishment which can involve diamond-cutting the wheel back to the original metal or applying specialist finishes to it in thousands of colours. 

“Our animation opens the public’s eyes to those possibilities and to just how convenient our refurbishment service is for anyone who cares about their car.

“You can’t refurbish a million wheels – just think of it: a million – and get a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot without doing something right.

“So we’ve created something special – something we know will be of real, tangible benefit to all of our franchisees.”

To view the animation, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGVhipnxFhU

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