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Auditel produces substantial savings for social enterprise

An inspirational social enterprise centre in Leicester, the Peepul Centre, has benefited from Auditel’s cost and purchase management  service to the tune of just over £77,000.

So far, Auditel has identified and implemented savings of over £77,477 across the Centre’s gas, electricity, contract cleaning, washroom services and fire and security systems costs. Other projects now underway include a review of catering and stationery costs.

Debra Avery, operations manager of the Peepul Centre explained:”With a centre our size, we have numerous service contracts many of which duplicate costs. This is something I have been keen to address and Auditel have done it  very successfully – getting us out of some contracts which would have required an expensive legal team to negotiate. They did it so professionally and I was incredibly impressed.”

 Like many organisations which receive funding through local and central government schemes, the Centre faces challenges ahead. Debra commented: “The Peepul Centre has registered charity status but we still have to make enough money to survive as a viable business. In the twelve months I’ve been in post, we’ve had deep cuts in our direct public funding. As a result we’ve had to develop a much more strategic 3-5 year business plan aimed at securing our long-term financial sustainability.

“Peter and Mike did a fabulous job on their initial projects and saved us a lot of money. Now they will be looking at anything that has an overhead attached to it. Over the next couple of years our income and expenditure will change dramatically so any savings Auditel make will directly and significantly affect our bottom line.”

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