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Auditel stood out in the b2b sector

Auditel stood out in the b2b sector

June 2021 has seen the latest Auditel Induction programme, welcoming new franchise partners including Mike Powers, a south-London based former Commercial Director. Mike, who has over thirty years of sales and marketing experience started exploring franchising and looked at a few opportunities in considerable detail before being introduced to Auditel.

Discussing why he chose Auditel, he says “I had looked at another business in the same sector and had explored in great detail, but when I discovered Auditel I was really impressed by the team of people I spoke to.  The quality marketing materials and resources, and the great experience of the leadership team also was powerful.  I spoke to franchisees and they were really helpful and supportive.  Whilst it was not a decision I made lightly, Auditel had the right feel to help me make the decision both in ‘heart’ and in ‘head’.”

As a very well-established and proven business model, Auditel, the procurement, supply chain management and business transformation consultancy provides a powerful proposition in an unsettled economy to UK organisations.  With businesses needing to maintain a ‘tight ship’, Auditel’s services can provide a significant solution to organisations in all sectors for ensuring they are getting best value across their expenditure base.

To highlight why Auditel’s services are so vital to organisations, Head of Recruitment Nick Tubb explains “If Auditel are able to save a client £100,000 per year, this is equivalent to £1m of extra sales at a profit margin of 10% – what company would turn down that if offered? There is no reduction in quality and if anything the process will be improved, so achieving best value comes from having time, focus, expertise, tools and spending leverage collectively that any organisation simply doesn’t have on all cost areas.  For people considering franchising, when they give Auditel proper consideration, they realise just what a compelling offering it has.

He continues “Mike brings great experience and all new franchise partners add to the rich diversity of the Auditel talent pool.  We are delighted that after he had conducted thorough research into franchising he felt Auditel was the right fit.  He also impressed throughout our selection process, with great feedback from key staff and franchisees, and I’m excited for Mike and look forward to seeing their businesses develop over the months ahead.”

Mike adds “I’m really looking forward to getting started now, and know I’ve got a great team behind me, both from the head office team and also the Auditel franchise network – I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at the National Conference in a few months’ time.”

If you are considering professional, business to business franchises, to find out how you can achieve success in self-employment explore Auditel today.  Contact Nick Tubb on 01962 893067 or email recruitment@auditel.co.uk for a free franchise prospectus and further information.

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