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Award Won at Expense Reduction Analysts National Conference

Established consultant of over 11 years, Derek Hodd, won this highly regarded award at the Expense Reduction Analysts National Conference 2011. 

Speaking of his achievement, Derek said: “It is a most satisfying accomplishment gained from working on multiple projects for a considerable period of time.”

Derek joined Expense Reduction Analysts in November, 1999, after a successful career of working for over twenty years in the metals trading industry on a worldwide basis at Managing Director level. 

Becoming a self employed Expense Reduction Analysts consultant, he now enjoys an ideal work life balance, often working from his holiday home in Spain. “I am able to choose when I work, because of the work that I do, and with the internet and other technological advances, I am able to deliver projects whilst being away from the UK.”

Since joining Expense Reduction Analysts, Derek has delivered numerous projects for a wide range of organisations with different requirements. He has contributed to various projects, specialising in print, secure cash handling, couriers, document storage and travel amongst other areas. 

“Its fair to say that the income I have made from joining Expense Reduction Analysts has been way beyond my expectations, I thought I would make a modest but comfortable living and have happily exceeded that.” He explains.

Speaking of the amount of money that he has earned in the past twelve months, Derek says that although he has created a high water mark, he’d like to think that other consultants could achieve the same incredible results. Giving his advice to his fellow franchisees hoping to achieve the same great success and perhaps win the award themselves, Derek said:

“With any project there may be complications and difficulties; the key to overcoming those issues is to figure out how is best to approach them whilst working towards the client’s best interest to deliver good results and a successful outcome.”

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