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British Franchise Awards

30th November 2020 | Virtual Awards
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“HSBC has been sponsoring the awards for many years and we feel it is such an important event on the franchising calendar. Everyone who is shortlisted shows excellence in franchising, which is pivotal to what the awards are all about.”

Andrew Brattesani, UK head of franchising


Next Generation Franchisee Award

“The Young Guns in Franchising”

Leadership & Culture Award

“Creating Collaborative Networks and Common Goals”

HSBC Best in Class Multi-Class Leader

“Recognising the Best in Multi-Unit Franchising”

“The Adil Group was delighted to learn of Raja Adil being selected as a finalist for the HSBC multi-asset best in class award. This is testament to the Adil Group’s Executive Management team and workforce that continues to deliver outstanding operations, customer service and explosive growth amongst all the brands we operate. This award and the recognition of the Adil Group is the pinnacle of success that all franchisees hope to achieve during their careers.”
“I am incredibly proud to have been nominated for this award from the bfa, especially as it recognises the brilliant work of the whole CAG team. We each have an important role to play to ensure the business continues to perform at the highest standard, so to receive industry recognition for our work is just fantastic.”
“BFA accreditation is one of the first things I look for when approaching opportunities with new franchisees: it is a linchpin of the industry and the ultimate litmus test for ethical business conduct. It is an absolute honour to be short-listed by the BFA for the multi-unit leader award.”
“Soul Foods Group is determined to continue to invest and develop in two of the greatest brands in the world - KFC and Starbucks. It will also continue to invest in its people so that the customer experience continues to excel. SFG believes that franchising plays an immeasurable role in UK PLC and the bfa support and role in this is invaluable.”

Franchisor of the Year Award

“Representing Excellence in Franchising”

Franchisee of the Year – People’s Choice Award

“Chosen by the People for the People!”

This category will be voted for on the night

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Whether you’re considering buying a franchise or looking to grow your business through franchising, find out how HSBC expertise could help you to do so with confidence.

HSBC’s experienced business managers can make fast, effective decisions, helping potential franchisors and franchisees to establish their businesses and build their success.

With over 30 years of experience in supporting the UK franchising industry, they know that franchising is about more than just making money. It’s also about creating strong and mutually-beneficial relationships.

HSBC works closely with the British Franchise Association and its members to encourage successful and ethical franchising.

We are a bank that’s open for business and continue to provide finance to many good quality franchisees, which has assisted them in the launch and growth of their business.

Andrew Brattesani, UK head of franchising

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