Benefits of Starting Your
Business as a Franchisee

Want to escape the 9 to 5? Be your own boss? Balance work with family life? Invest your redundancy money?  There are so many reasons why people choose to franchise. And – while we never pretend that it’s not hard work – the benefits can be considerable.

• In business for yourself – but not by yourself. You’ll be supported by a franchisor head office team 

who want you to succeed. And you’ll be part of a network of like-minded individuals who are 

sharing the experience with you.

• A proven business model. Every single BFA member franchisor has an established business model 

that you can replicate in another location. While your success can never be guaranteed, a proven 

business model will give you the best possible start.

• A lower failure rate. Over 40 percent of new standalones will fail. Compare that to franchising, 

where only 5 percent of new franchisee start-ups don’t make it. Your franchisor has already met 

the challenges and overcome them, so you won’t have to.

• An opportunity for everyone. Franchising is excitingly diverse. At The BFA we’ve welcomed new 

business owners of all ages and from all backgrounds, as well as more women than ever before. 

Whether you want a flexible, part-time opportunity or the beginning of your business empire, 

franchising can open the door.

• Fuel your passion. Restaurants and cafes, pet care, education, sport & fitness, health & beauty, 

business coaching – franchising provides business opportunities across an amazing number of 

sectors. So why not turn the thing you love doing most into your career?

• Invest in your future. Never forget that buying into a franchise is just the beginning. Many 

franchisees hand over to family members or sell their businesses for a profit when they’re ready 

to retire or explore pastures new.

Some Practical Consideration of
Buying a Frachise

• Is your prospective franchisor a BFA member? All BFA franchisor members uphold the European 

Code of Ethics, reassuring you that their brand has a proven franchise model and sustainable


• How does the franchisor support their network? What ongoing training and business support 

does the franchisor provide once you are a franchisee? How will they support you to achieve your 

business goals?

• How do existing franchisees feel? Franchisors should always be happy for you to speak to their 

network before making any decisions, and provide you with contacts. Speak to their existing 

franchisees to get their views.  

• Is it a good financial fit? Initial franchise fees and monthly working capital costs will vary 

depending on the opportunity. Are you able to afford the outlay? Also, when are you likely to make 

a profit and will it be enough for the lifestyle you’re hoping to achieve? It’s vital you enter any 

agreement knowing all the hard facts.

• Does it fuel your fire? We can’t emphasise this enough. Being your own boss is hard work, but 

doing something you love will make your commitment feel worth it.

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