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The British Franchise Association has been responsible for setting high quality standards for UK franchising since 1977 and through this process the industry has grown to provide fantastic opportunities to UK businesses and people eager to invest with franchise brands. The association delivers a globally leading education portfolio and provides a value rich platform for franchisors, franchisees and professional advisers to connect.


The bfa has created standards that comply with the European Code of Ethics for franchising, and as a key representative at the European Franchise Federation the bfa owns an extension to the code that is developed and enforced in collaboration with industry experts for the bfa and its members. Considerable resources and an unwavering commitment from the association to its members means that franchising in the bfa remains of high quality with expertise to support where issues arise.


The bfa sees horror stories unfolding with its industry peers globally. Examples include: USA gig economy

The only way to protect from costly legislation is to ensure standards continually evolve to deal with risks associated with these issues. By joining the bfa, franchisees and franchisors are making a commitment to work in partnership with the bfa to drive forward a sector  that is committed to operating fair business models, promoting healthy opportunities for all.


The bfa’s educational portfolio is critical to ensuring people involved in franchising and those exploring it as a business option have all of the information to make informed decisions. 

The franchise training academy hosts the qualified franchise professional (QFP) training, along with specialist events, informal networking and bespoke workshops. Free online certificate programmes exist for people looking to invest in franchise businesses or franchise an existing business.

The outreach work extends to educational and government bodies with a range of initiatives.


bfa PR campaigns promote franchising to the world at large and provides a platform to promote success or human interest stories from our members into the regional and national newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet and other media. Our target groups include:

  • The public

  • Special interest groups; women, next gen, ex forces

  • Influencers

  • Government

We are continually running campaigns to support key messages to different audiences.

bfa Monthly Franchise Insights

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