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bfa Scottish case study Zoe McKibbin, Razzamataz Edinburgh and Razzamataz Glasgow South

bfa Scottish case study Zoe McKibbin, Razzamataz Edinburgh and Razzamataz Glasgow South

Multiple franchise owner Zoe McKibbin took over the Edinburgh school in 2016 and Glasgow South in 2018. Zoe believes that the life skills and confidence that children gain at Razzamataz are so important to young people’s lives and she is committed to ensuring more children can benefit from the warm, family environment.

How did you find franchising?

I knew very little about franchising and wasn’t aware that it was an option if you wanted to run a theatre school, I just assumed it was for big businesses. I was given some work experience at Razzamataz through a friend which then led me to get a position as a drama teacher at Razzamataz Edinburgh. Although I had no business experience, when the opportunity arose to take over the school, I was confident that there was a lot of support and training available.

Why did you choose your brand?

Through Razzamataz, I felt I could offer the children a chance to build their confidence and learn so many important life skills. I really love the ethos that Razzamataz has and the shared belief of helping all children flourish through performing arts.

How has running a franchise changed your life?

I have exceeded my own expectations in what I have been able to achieve. I’ve never run a business before but through all the training and support we receive at Razzamataz, I’ve grown more confident in my own abilities. There are various challenges and situations that you face as a business owner and you must believe in yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone, which ultimately helps you to grow as a person.

What top tips would you give to someone considering a franchise opportunity?

If possible, try and get some experience of working in the franchise. I volunteered before taking over Razzamataz Glasgow South to get a feeling of how the business was run. Also, make sure you understand your finances, the first few months can feel daunting so you should be financially organised.

What does the future hold for you and your franchise?

Both the schools are doing really well and although they have grown, I’ve maintained the family atmosphere, so I feel like I know all my customers and can offer the students the best opportunities. I’m also about to have my first baby so I’m looking to keep up the standards and numbers in both territories.

How has franchising helped your local community?

Being part of a successful franchise network, allows us to give children unique opportunities. This includes a yearly scholarship in association with The Stage newspaper to attend one of our schools. We are very proud of the additional support that we can offer students to allow a diverse range of children from various backgrounds the chance to attend.  

What is your biggest achievement to date as a franchisee?

I’m so proud of how I’ve gradually built the schools from very low student numbers to thriving businesses. My biggest achievement is the consistent customer support that we have had. Some of our 15-year-old Senior students started with us at the age of four and have stayed with us even through a change of ownership.

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