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bfa’s Standards Manager, Andy Dick, celebrates obtaining QFP certificate

bfa’s Standards Manager, Andy Dick, celebrates obtaining QFP certificate

The power of reflection 

I recently obtained my Qualified Franchise Professional status and now have the hard copy certificate displayed proudly on my desk to remind me of the process that I went through, and as a reminder to inspire others to do the same. 

Achieving any accreditation, whether as an individual or as a business should be something you are proud of. It should be something that evidences to yourself and others that you’ve taken the correct approach to whatever it may be, developed your knowledge and then been able to use this new set of skills in your day-to-day business.   

How can bfa accreditations help you? 

You may be wondering why I’m writing this, but as we constantly see changes in the way that franchises and businesses in general operate, especially over the past 18 months, it’s important to know if you’re still doing things right. Knowing this straight away can be a challenge and can require personal or professional reflection, but that’s where the bfa comes in with our periodic re-accreditation.

Building trusted partnerships 

Now, understandably, you may feel unnerved about some elements of the process especially if your or your franchisees finances, post-covid, aren’t as healthy as before, or perhaps you’re worried about the results of the franchisee satisfaction survey. 

However, think of this as a great opportunity to gain feedback from outside your organisation. An opportunity to be supported should any of those challenges arise. Or even an opportunity to celebrate, having that peace of mind that you’ve made the right decisions throughout, and wanting to share that with a wider network.  

Make your accreditation matter  

The re-accreditation process is as important for the association as it is for the franchisor and the franchisees. It’s an equal responsibility to ensure that this happens across the membership base and that all who wear the bfa badge, do so with pride.  

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