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Bodystreet provides a spark for youth employment

Bodystreet provides a spark for youth employment

Bodystreet, the Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness training specialists, have created new job opportunities for the younger generation through the UK Government’s Kickstart employment scheme. The company have created 9 new Trainee Bodystreet Instructor positions around the UK.

Unemployment has spread across the country since the pandemic began. The House of Commons (2021) declared that the impact of COVID-19 has meant that ‘the number of young people in employment has fallen by 329,000’. However, not all hope has been lost for the youth of our country. Bodystreet have utilised the government’s £2 billion Kickstart scheme, which offers 6-month jobs for 16-24 year olds on Universal credit, to employ numerous young people by offering them work experience to ‘kickstart’ their career.

One of the Kickstart employees, Jonathan applied for the Kickstart scheme after the pandemic led to him being made redundant from the hospitality industry. He joined Bodystreet Sutton Coldfield which has provided him with experience in the fitness industry that will jumpstart his career. ‘I have gained a lot of experience and not just that, but confidence and social skills,’ says Jonathan. ‘Bodystreet has allowed me to really open up and grow more as a person.’

Morgan joined Bodystreet Coventry City after leaving her football academy and is the prime example of the positive impact the company and scheme have made on young people. Since joining Bodystreet Morgan says, ‘I’ve become a lot more confident since I’ve been here, and it’s just helped me grow as a person.’ She now has the confidence to talk about fitness with the members, giving her transferable skills she can utilise in the future.

Julie, Human Resources manager at Bodystreet, explained that ‘when the Kickstart programme came to our attention, we knew that this fitted in with our vision of becoming one of the best employers in the fitness industry. Our goal was to build confidence and provide a positive experience of the workplace, whether the young person chose to remain with Bodystreet or move onto another environment.’ The fitness company values delivering high quality personal development through their comprehensive training at the Bodystreet Academy, as well as putting many young learners through their bespoke Bodystreet Apprenticeship programme.  Taking on the Kickstart scheme has helped Bodystreet achieve this goal of adding value to young people and providing a younger generation with the career opportunity they were searching for.


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