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Bringing the personal touch to franchises UK-wide

Bringing the personal touch to franchises UK-wide

This month, communications provider, Cymphony, attained bfa membership to become a key supplier to franchises across the UK. Headed up by renown franchising expert, Tim Morris, Cymphony offer services that target key pain points which many franchisors face on a daily basis.

Having been at the helm of several global franchise brands in the last 15 years, Tim and his team have levelled-up the realm of franchise communications support. Forget transactional ‘time for money’ services; Cymphony’s inbound communications solutions are focussed on franchisor-driven outcomes and are designed to support growth and bolster both franchisee performance and satisfaction.

Cymphony already represent a number of top franchisors and franchisees in the education, home services and fitness industries. Answering over 5,000 calls and saving a staggering 18,000 minutes of call time a month for these brands alone. The franchise team at Cymphony specialise in increasing revenues through improved lead conversions and enhancing customer experience. The newly accredited supplier helps franchise brands acquire new customers through rapid lead capture across different channels of communication. Additionally, by integrating with a franchise brands existing CRM system, the appointment booking service means customers chat to an expert, discuss options, and book appointments directly into their calendar – enabling franchisees to focus more time on local marketing activities and generate additional leads.

“In today’s market, it’s vital that brands meet people ‘where they are’ and on their terms,” says Morris. “Delays in response to a phone call, a web form submission or web chat and sluggish automation simply don’t cut it anymore – we’re in the era of the personal touch and whether it’s your prospects, customers or even prospective franchisees, they all want immediate access to real people, across multiple channels, day or night.

“When you factor the nuances of a franchise network into this equation, these challenges multiply – and that’s where Cymphony is unrivalled,” explained Tim. “Utilising our wealth of franchising experience, we’re helping to reduce the number of ‘hats’ a franchisee is compelled to wear. We put a huge emphasis on ensuring our services align with brand messaging and voice across the franchise brand for consistency, as well as Increasing conversion rates to sales, appointments, or consultation. Our data reveals that franchises using our services have increased their lead conversion by 45%.”

One franchisee already benefitting from Cymphony’s service is Julie Dunne of Bright and Beautiful, Enfield. Julie was experiencing an increased call volume, but due to her workload, struggled to get to the phone to make the vital first contact with her potential clients. Such worries are now a thing of the past.

“I have received several leads which have now converted to sales that I would have originally missed without Cymphony’s help,” said Julie. “The increased sales cover more than the cost of the service and the call answering is very professional and in line with our business. It was an easy decision to make, Cymphony explained their services so comprehensively and everything was very simple to set up.”

Cymphony’s services have also proved game-changing to franchisors.

Mark Szpak, Director of Global Franchise Support at Tutor Doctor commented: “Before we used Cymphony’s service our franchisees were converting around 48% of all enquiries into consultations with families. The team at Cymphony were able to increase this percentage to consistently above 70%. This has made a significant difference in the success of our franchisees and contributes hugely to building their businesses.”

To find out more about Cymphony’s franchise-focussed commutations solutions, please visit: https://cymphony.co.uk/

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