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British Franchise Association (bfa) and Approved Franchise Association (AFA) join forces to strengthen the UK franchise sector

British Franchise Association (bfa) and Approved Franchise Association (AFA) join forces to strengthen the UK franchise sector

Pip Wilkins and Claire Robinson have today announced that the bfa and AFA will unite to bring the two independent associations together, as one, under the bfa umbrella. Standards, shared values, and strong ethics for business format franchising make this acquisition a huge step forward for the industry as a whole.

The past year has taught us, if nothing else, that consistency, shared goals, and a collective voice for ethical business format franchising is critical to effectively support the UK franchise industry. An association exists to protect the industry, to promote it and to represent it with one strong and consistent voice. This is what makes now, the perfect time for the bfa and the AFA to put collaboration at the forefront and become one association.

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Pip Wilkins CEO of the bfa said, “Over the past 18 months the bfa has gone from strength to strength with increased services and more inclusivity to become everyone’s Trusted Partner in Franchising. When Claire and I spoke about the acquisition, it became really clear we had been on very similar journeys, but on separate paths. The bfa’s core values are centred around passion and integrity and we both have a great passion to educate and support businesses in franchising. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I have no doubt that now is the right time for us to work together for the greater good of franchising. I am looking forward to working closely with the existing AFA Members and understanding their stories”.

Claire Robinson added “Six years ago there was a real need for support amongst the smaller, lifestyle franchise companies which is the gap the AFA filled in the marketplace. I am proud to have grown it to where it is today, but I am now keen to focus on the growth of my own franchise business. I have witnessed the transition of the bfa to become a much more inclusive association, with a desire to support every type of franchise business. I am excited about the future and how Pip and I can work together over the next 12 months to support the AFA Members with a transition to bfa Membership. I really feel that I have made the best decision for the industry in choosing the bfa to become my trusted partner too”.

The next 12 months is onwards and upwards and will see Claire Robinson taking forward a role within the bfa as ‘Lifestyle Ambassador’ where she will continue to champion the cause she is so passionate about. This role will also assist the association as it continues to develop services, extend influence to support all franchises and promote the benefits of business format franchising to as wide an audience as possible.

British Franchise Association contact: press@thebfa.org

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