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Building a brand is a team job!

Building a brand is a team job!

Brand perception is a powerful thing, it can influence a potential customer’s buying decision, it can influence recruiting the right talent to build your winning team, and it can influence the development and success of you and your business. 

There are so many factors hanging in the balance of ‘brand perception’ let’s take a look at how we can review what we are doing to ensure we are achieving what we need to achieve. 

External Brand 

One of the primary benefits to people investing in franchising is the ability to trade under a recognised brand, and as a franchisor your prospects are very keen to see a strong consistent brand. To be visible today, you need to have a strong digital strategy as part of your mix, and the framework to execute this is critical. Are your external messages consistent with your core brand values? Are you producing content that can be promoted across multiple channels and remaining loyal to the core brand? Are you capturing the right audiences within your marketing mix? Do you know how people currently perceive your brand and what might need changing to make improvements? 

Internal Brand 

Getting the brand right isn’t just about marketing, it’s about every individual in the boat, rowing in the same direction. The business culture should reflect the values and purpose of the brand, and with the right training, support, and communication every individual in the business will be very clear on the objectives. A business can run a fantastic marketing campaign and get lots of new customers but if the customer experience is poor, it is a very expensive and resource heavy way of buying business! Recruiting for attitude is important when building the team and investing in people is important for building high performing teams. Clear KPIs and goals will help the team work together and simple measures such as repeat business or referrals could be a great sense checker for operational success. 

Your Brand 

“Clients do not come first, your people come first. If you take care of your people, they will take care of the clients” Richard Branson 

As individuals we all hold a piece of the jigsaw for the success of a brand. Whether we answer the phone, secure the ‘big deal’, speak on stage, or analyse data, every role and every interaction matters, when creating the correct bigger picture. It is for this reason that it is important to invest in our own ongoing development, getting a better understanding of ourselves and each other. This will help build the trust, confidence and respect needed to represent the brand values individually and as a team. 

If any of the above resonates and you are keen to invest in your brand journey in 2021, log into the member area and take a look at the 3-part virtual series. 

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