After launching her dream business during a pandemic, Suzie Nelson wouldn’t change a thing!

After launching her dream business during a pandemic, Suzie Nelson wouldn’t change a thing!

Wow what an incredible, yet somewhat very strange and crazy few months it has been since we launched Cochoa Travel on 21st September 2020. Never did we think we would be launching our dream business in the height of a pandemic, but would I do anything differently? Absolutely not. Would I encourage anyone to set up their own business and be their own boss? Absolutely!

As a wife and mummy to two daughters Sofia 3 and April-Rose about to turn 2 finding a work life balance whilst getting to do something every day with passion and enthusiasm was incredibly important to us as a family. I didn’t think it was possible to achieve fulfilling your dream of running your own business with a small and growing family. But getting to wake up every morning and do a role that I am not just incredibly excited, passionate and committed to but knowing that it is our own business to grow as we feel is right and aligned to what we believe is so incredibly fulfilling and life changing.

My previous role was working for a private childcare company where I was a professional development consultant for over 12 years. A role that I absolutely loved, especially as I thrived from getting to meet new people on a regular basis and support their growth and development.  I however knew with a young family a change was needed and having been extremely fortunate to travel from a young age myself and then with my husband John and then as a family I knew I wanted to be able to help others to plan their dream holidays to make them incredibly special and for them to find their own slice of paradise. Also knowing more than ever with a young family that time is something that isn’t easy to find I wanted to be able to support my customers and take the hassle out of planning so that their energy could be well spent on their next adventure.

The support that we have received not only from the Holiday Franchise Company but from our loyal and growing customer base has been overwhelming and once again has confirmed that we undoubtedly made the right decision. You really do get to wear several hats as your own boss, but this is what makes me thrive every day and keeps motivating me to do even better to succeed and create a successful business and ultimately legacy for our daughters.

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