All Because Being in Business should Give you more Life …

All Because Being in Business should Give you more Life …

In the Spring of 2005, Action found Julie through their extensive UK drive to recruit more high calibre coaches … one sentence stood out on her CV, “As a result of diversifying and utilising my skills and existing materials and my ability to adapt to the situation, we achieved a 60 % increase in profit in an extremely competitive and declining market”. Everything that Julie heard and saw backed up her initial feeling that this business was for her.

The reasons Julie wanted to get more involved were simple:

  • after 2 redundancies, she was determined to take control of her own destiny;
  • Julie loves helping people and the opportunity to give back; and
  • the idea of earning a six figure income appealed.

All sorts of self doubts crept in … “what if I’m too young?”, “what if I’m not good enough to do this?”, but deep down it felt like the right thing to do, so Julie backed herself to make it work and remortgaged her house, used up her redundancy money, took out a bank loan and borrowed the balance she needed to get started from her Dad … she went all in!

Initially, Julie struggled as an Action Coach signing up just 1 client in her first 6 months … the underlying reasons for her very slow start were:

· negative self-programming … telling herself, “I’m 28, I’m female, how can I possibly help these seasoned business owners?”;

· Julie avoided productive activity … she’d book and pay for a business networking meeting and then not go; and

· she did it her own way, rather than using the successful and proven UK systems that she’d invested in!

Fortunately, when you join Action you join a team of successful people who believe in team work and helping each other to achieve more success than you possibly could achieve on your own … in short you’re only a phone call away from empowering support. Julie made that call for help and teamed up with an Emerald coach in the UK who consistently banked over £40k per month. Julie’s net income went from zero to over £12k per month in just 4 months! They refined Action’s marketing materials and sales process further for the UK market and in Julie’s last month of marketing and selling, she signed up a staggering 9 new 1-2-1 coaching clients from meeting only 11 business owners that month!

Missing the buzz of needing to build her business, Julie was sensing the need for a new challenge and with that in mind, she turned her attention to London who were looking for an experienced leader to take the team of coaches there to the next level. In October 2006, she approached Ian Christelow at a Dublin 2 Day Training event for help in how to realise her new goal. With Ian’s backing, Julie decided to sell her house and max out on a DTI loan … once more, she had the courage of her convictions to go all in …

Julie is on a mission to help, support, coach and train all of the coaches, who have a desire to become Gold Coaches and consistently bank over £12k per month, to do just that. One statistic motivates her to do whatever it takes to help her team succeed so that they can in turn help business owners succeed in their business and life:

“Last year in the UK 224,030 businesses closed their doors for business. This means over two hundred thousand families have been emotionally and financially affected … This is simply not acceptable.”

Julie is driven to build a great team of business coaches, who put a serious dent in the number of business failures in the UK each year …

… Our Vision is a team uniquely positioned to dramatically improve business success. Using our proven systems and our network of over 1,000 coaches, our goal is to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit within certain individuals to deliver a world class standard of business excellence. No longer do we put up with the fact that business owners, who have created jobs and are the backbone of our economy, work for less than the minimum wage and do not get enough quality time with their family. Together we create a sustainable economic business environment that allows families to grow and prosper together. We are passionate about building a team dedicated to turning our collective business knowledge into business success and wealth in terms of more time and money for families in the UK to enjoy life more fully. We are building a brilliant team of self starters with a passion for learning and developing people and a commitment to results and wealth creation for their clients and themselves, who are also dedicated to our vision.

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