Apprenticeships – The Future Generation of OSCAR Pet Foods

Apprenticeships – The Future Generation of OSCAR Pet Foods

OSCAR Pet Foods, recognised as the largest pet food home delivery franchise company, is always at the forefront of business development. Well respected for advising and supporting its large network of Nutritional Advisors, which is backed up with the unique to OSCAR, OFQUAL qualification in Companion Animal Nutrition for a higher level of expertise and credibility when advising customers.

Continuing to create new opportunities OSCAR realised, as an employer, how investing in an apprenticeship scheme with a local college has provided young students with a fantastic start to progress their career knowing a pass will ensure the option of permanent employment.

Learning with the hands-on experience of a working environment adds value for the apprentice and also to the company. Being part of a team and enjoying the many benefits of employment which have already provided a secure future for Beth, Alleah and Sam. Now qualified they can continue to establish themselves in their respective departments.

Courses can lead to a higher level of education as well as full-time employment but for Sam, who joined in November 2016 has established himself the title of Design, Marketing and Social Media Executive. Sam says, “I had incredible support and the training was relentless, without it I would have not progressed.”

Alleah in just over twelve months achieved ‘Apprentice of the year’ from her college! Unsure of her career, pets had an appeal, and she took the chance to establish herself in the OSCAR Direct pet food sales department. Helped by a team of seven staff her work was fulfilled by going to regional meetings and meeting franchisees.

On the other hand, Beth opted for accounts. That was in 2015 and is now very focused on her progress. Taking additional courses offered by OSCAR helped her to build the confidence she needed to establish secure employment. Beth has continued to thrive and has become an AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB)  furthermore strengthening her skills.

With National Apprenticeship Week approaching Simon Bartholomew, Franchise Director with OSCAR Pet Foods would like to highlight how franchising offers the ideal platform for trainees.

OSCAR thrives on a contented workforce and takes pride in its success, and how important it is to the business to provide opportunities for young people to explore diverse work options as well as celebrating the impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, employers and the economy.

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